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Feng Shui Singing Bowls, Feng Shui Bells

Feng shui bell, singing bowl and feng shui chimes are very good feng shui metal cure to be used for space clearing or home decorating. Some bells or singing bowls have 5 element pagoda, Life of Tree or 8 Auspicious Objects on them (5 element pagoda, Life of Tree and 8 Auspicious Objects are very powerful feng shui energy to lower down bad energy)

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Tibetan Singing Bowl with Wooden Mallet
3-Layer Bell Charm with Double Pi Yao
3-Layer Bell Charm with Elephants
3-Layer Bell Charm with Dragon
2-Layer Bell Charm with Chinese Coin
2-Layer Bell Charm with YinYang and Tiger Head
2-Layer Bell Charm with Double Pi Yao
Bell Charm with Double Fishes
Bell Charm with Image of Elephants
Bell Charm with Auspicious Image
Bell Charm with Dragon Image
Cross Vajra Bell with Windhorse Images
$59.00 $49.00
Vajra Bell with 8 Auspicious Symbols
$59.00 $49.00
Yin Yang Charm
Yin Yang, Sword, Pagoda Charm
Singing Bowl with 8 Auspicious Objects
Feng Shui Bell with Wooden Handle
Golden Nine-Rod Dragon Wind Chime
$95.00 $88.00
5 Element Bell
Mystic Knot Wind Chime
Singing Bowl
Metal Bell
Copper Tibetan Feng Shui Bell
Feng Shui Bells