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Big Chi Lin
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Buddhism & Gods

Buddhism Gods, Chinese Buddhism, Buddha Statues

Chinese Buddhism Gods has Buddha statues, Kuan Yin, Kuan Kong, Three Gods, lucky figurines, incenses and incense burners as Buddha supplies.

Buddha statues had big Buddha, small Buddha, happy Buddha, laughing Buddha, meditation Buddha, medicine Buddha, Buddha pendants, Buddha charms, Buddha supplies.  Hindu Buddha, Tai Buddha and ganesh Buddha are also included.

Kuan Yin has Kuan Yin statues, kuan Yin pendants, kuan yin charms and kuan yin vases.


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Bejeweled Chundi
SKU: 3897
$99.00 $88.00
Chundi has 18 arms with different treasures or weapon to protect you from 18 types of harms. Chundi can conquests all kinds of evils and she has great power to ward off any adverse effects, cure evils and let followers achieve success.
Ksitigarbha with 3 Celestial Protectors
SKU: 3895
$99.00 $88.00
3 Celestial Protectors are Fu Dog (foo dog), Chi Lin and Pi Yao. Ksitigarbha is known as 'Earth Treasury". Ksitigarbha with 3 Celestial Protectors is the best feng shui cure to 3 Killings which cause 3 types of misfortune - loss of wealth, loss of loved
Fuk Luk Sau
SKU: 3889
$19.99 $15.99
Fuk Luk Sau stands for harmony, wealth and good health. Displaying Fuk Luk Sau at home to enhance harmony, generate wealth and bring good health.
Three Gods - Fuk Luk Sau
SKU: 3888
This set of three gods has 3 gods: Fuk god, Luk god and Sau god. Fuk god means harmony. Luk god standing in the middle with one green ru yin on his hand stands for power, authority and wealth. He is the god of high rank and affluence. Sau god ...
Three Gods
SKU: 3885
$56.00 $49.99
This beautiful set of ivory like three gods has 3 gods: Fuk god, Luk god and Sau god. Fuk god carrying one baby means harmony. Luk god standing in the middle with one green ru yin on his hand stands for power, authority and wealth. ...
Thousand Armed Kuan Yin Crystal Sphere With Lotus Stand
SKU: 3880
This gorgeous crystal sphere with one exquisite lotus base has images of 1000 armed kuan yin and om mani padme hum mantras on it. 1000 armed kuan yin can help you accomplish your wishes and smoothen your life.
Bejeweled Four Heavenly Kings
SKU: 3879
$328.00 $298.00
The Four Heavenly Kings are the heaven worriers who carry distinctive magical weapons. They have the great powers to control the weather and climate on Earth and protect the four corners of the world.
SKU: 3876
$78.00 $69.99
Confucius is the Father of Scholarly Luck. He, who was a Chinese thinker and social philosopher in 551 BC - 479 BC, is the ancestor of Confucianism.
Black Stone Laughing Buddha Charm
SKU: 3819
$17.99 $15.99
The Buddha charm has one black stone fat stomach laughing Buddha with Buddha praying beads, mystic knot and tassel. Laughing Buddha is used to bring happiness and good luck.
Black Stone Sakyamuni Buddha Head Charm
SKU: 3818
$17.99 $15.99
The Buddha charm has one Sakyamuni Buddha head with Buddha praying beads, mystic knot and tassel. Buddha head is used to suppress down bad spirits and prevent you from evils.
Three Gods
SKU: 3811
Three Gods are the symbol of harmony, good fortune and longevity. Three gods are Fuk Luk Sau. Displaying three gods at home can invite good chi into home.
Gautama Buddha
SKU: 3782
This golden statue is baby Siddhattha Gautama Buddha (Gautama Buddha). He was standing on lotus, raising his right hand and pointing to the sky using his finger to reach the earth.
Solar Energy Prayer Wheel
SKU: 3666
This beautiful high quality payer wheel has trapezoidal base with 4 sides of solar panel. A prayer wheel is a cylindrical wheel in which the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum is written in Sanskrit on the wheel. Spinning the prayer wheel acted as one recites the
Bejeweled Vasudhara
SKU: 3663
Vasudhara, depicted with three faces, six arms and a beautiful golden orange body, stands for STREAM OF GEMS in Sanskrit. Vasudhara is the Buddhist Bodhisattva of wealth, prosperity, and abundance.
Guan Yin Statue
SKU: 3548
This beautiful porcelain Guan yin statue sitting on lotus and carrying vase with one leaf on her another hand. Something like fire on her back stands for Buddha light.
Standing Guan Gong Holding Guan Dao
SKU: 3475
Guan Gong who wears the dragon robe and holds the guan dao sword is the famous Chinese God of War. It is regarded as the god of wealth as well as the protector of the politicians and business leaders alike. Guan Gong is the excellent god for business.
Standing Money Buddha
SKU: 3391
The beautiful jade like standing money Buddha statue with beads around his neck is carrying money bag. He symbolizes to bring money and good luck to business or home. Besides this, the money Buddha also carries the wu lou to represent good health.
Bejeweled Fuk Luk Sau
SKU: 3373
The set of three gods is consisting of Fuk, Luk and Sau. Set of three gods is one of the most recommended feng shui products for home. Fuk God carrying one ru yi stands for harmony. Luk God, sitting in the middle, represents for power. Luk God is ...

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