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Carrying Money Buddha
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Buddhism & Gods

Buddhism Gods, Chinese Buddhism, Buddha Statues

Chinese Buddhism Gods has Buddha statues, Kuan Yin, Kuan Kong, Three Gods, lucky figurines, incenses and incense burners as Buddha supplies.

Buddha statues had big Buddha, small Buddha, happy Buddha, laughing Buddha, meditation Buddha, medicine Buddha, Buddha pendants, Buddha charms, Buddha supplies.  Hindu Buddha, Tai Buddha and ganesh Buddha are also included.

Kuan Yin has Kuan Yin statues, kuan Yin pendants, kuan yin charms and kuan yin vases.


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3D Sitting Guan Yin Picture
SKU: 4678
This beautiful 3D Kuan Yin picture has a lovely Kuan Yin image seated on top of a lotus flower and radiating rays of compassion and wisdom. This magnificent picture can be displayed in a car, home, and purse, and can grant its owner peace and happiness.
3D Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Picture
SKU: 4677
This beautiful 3-D medicine Buddha picture features Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva.Ksitigarbha is a popular deity in East Asian Buddhism, and is said to be the protector of all the innocent and weak suffering in hell.
3D Sakyamuni Bodhisattva Picture
SKU: 4633
This beautiful 3-D picture features a beautiful Sakyamuni Buddha seated upon a lotus flower throne and radiating rays of compassion and wisdom. Sakyamuni Buddha is the founder of Buddhism. Sakyamuni Buddha has endless powers to understand all universe com
3D Amitabha Bodhisattva Picture
SKU: 4632
This beautiful 3D picture features a beautiful Amitabha Buddha seating upon a lotus flower throne and radiating rays of compassion and wisdom. Amitabha Buddha has the meaning of unlimited light and infinite life, and is often related to boundless ...
3D Medicine Buddha Picture
SKU: 4631
This beautiful 3-D picture features one medicine Buddha in blue shirt carrying one medicine bowl in his left hand and seating upon a lotus flower throne. In the back, the radiating rays of lights symbolize compassion and wisdom.
White Kuan Yin Vases
SKU: 4615
These beautifully crafted Kuan Yin Vases are brilliantly colored, and delicately detailed. Each vase has beautiful lotus petal designs on the lids, a beautiful gold colored lotus colored painting and gold-colored Buddhist script.
Beaded Kuan Yin Charm
SKU: 4594
This beautifully crafted Kuan Yin amulet charm is embellished with numerous beads and has a lovely Kuan Yin image in the middle. Kuan Yin is loved for her omniscient ability to lead people to happiness and ease the world of sorrow and despair.
Beaded Kwan Yin Amulet Charm
SKU: 4593
This beautifully crafted Kuan Yin amulet charm is embellished with numerous beads and has a lovely Kuan Yin image in the middle. As the “one who hears the cries of the world,” Kuan Yin is loved for her ability to instill harmony and good fortune.
Meditation Buddha Head Figurine
SKU: 4576
This elegant Buddha figurine features a Meditation Buddha carved with exquisite detailing and an elegantly polished appearance. Placing a Buddha figure in a room, home, or office symbolizes wisdom, eternal harmony, peace, serenity, and knowledge.
Brass Guan Gong Statue
SKU: 4567
Kwan Kong (also known as Guan Gong) is the most powerful symbol of protection and power, and helps protect a home or business from ill chi and bad luck. Kuan Kong is widely known as the renowned defender and guardian deity.
Laughing Buddha Statue
SKU: 4565
This Buddha is carrying one money bag for money. Buddha Bead in his right hand stands for mediating. Hat in his head also represents safe traveling.
Bejeweled Guru Rinpoche
SKU: 4497
Guru Rinpoche has the power to overcome all obstacles and difficulties. Display this bejeweled Guru Rinpoche in your living room to dispel negative afflictions in your life!
Bejeweled King Gesar of Ling
SKU: 4491
This beautiful bejeweled King Gesar of Ling riding on red horse and carrying the victory flag can bring swift success, fame and recognition. He also can protect you from any harm.
Shakyamuni Buddha Pendant
SKU: 4472
$17.99 $13.99
Omnipotent and omniscient, benevolent and benign, Shakyamuni Buddha is the ultimate Buddha. One can wear this Shakyamuni Buddha pendant to ward off any evil spirits and invoke auspicious blessing.
Brass Guan Gong on Horse Statue
SKU: 4429
This beautiful brass kwan Kong in dragon robe, who is carrying Guan Dao dragon sword and riding on horse, is the famous Chinese God of War. Gong Gong on horse is one of the most powerful gods to prevent from bad energy and evil.
Bejeweled King Gesar of Ling Statue
SKU: 4400
Elegantly designed with auspicious energy instilled, this Guru Rhinpoche statue can enable one to overcome obstacles in his way.
God of Wealth
SKU: 4393
God of wealth, who wearing dragon robe and carrying ingot and money sign, is believed that he can bring good luck and wealth to home or office.
Chinese Buddha with Wu Lou
SKU: 4385
Carrying one wu lou with Chinese word Fu (Good Luck) and ingot, this Chinese Buddha sitting on bed of Chinese coins represents good health and wealth.

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