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Foo Dogs
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Golden Rooster
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Foo Dog

Feng Shui Fu Dogs, Feng Shui Foo Dogs, Chinese Fu Dogs

Fu Dog which has strong muscular body and fear-inspiring face is the door guardian of the heaven gate. Fu Dog is also called foo dog, lion dog, temple lion or Chinese civilian door gods. In feng shui, Foo dogs displayed near to the door or the wall way can prevent evil spirits and harmful people into the home or business premises. Fu dogs safeguard homes and brings nourishes energy into homes.

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Foo Dogs on Treasure Chest
3 Celestial Guardian Plaque
Bejeweled Red Tzi Chi Kau
Three Red Lions Remedy for Three Killings
3 Celestial Guardian Plaque
Pair of Feng Shui Foo Dogs
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Brass Fu Dogs Sitting Beside Mountain
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Feng Shui Foo Dogs
Ksitigarbha with 3 Celestial Protectors
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3 Celestial Guardian Plaque
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3 Divine Guardians with Flaming Sword for 3 Killings
$86.00 $68.00
Feng Shui Foo Dogs
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Foo Dogs
$23.99 $18.99
Chinese Foo Dogs
Fu Dogs
Foo Dogs
$23.99 $18.99