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Water Fountains

Water Fountains

Indoor Water Fountains, Outdoor Fountains

Wholesale fountains such as indoor water fountains, tabletop fountains, small fountains, Buddha water fountains, zen garden fountains, feng shui fountains and big garden outdoor fountains in Chinese store San Diego at very excellent prices.

Water fountain is supposed to bring wealth since the running water presents wealth by feng shui. The best location for water fountain is in the North or NE. Putting one dragon statue, such as blue water fountain or golden dragon can enhance water feature.

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Bamboo Water Fountain with Red Wheel
Broken Pot Floor Water Fountain
$158.00 $98.00
Venice Multi Pot Outdoor-Indoor Fountain
$188.00 $128.00
Waterdrop Tabletop Water Fountain
$48.00 $39.99
Pots Water Fountain with Led Light
$218.00 $195.00
Muiti Pots Sandstone Outdoor-indoor Water Fountain With Led Lights
$218.00 $195.00
Tiered Pots Tabletop Fountain
$48.00 $38.00
Square Shape Fountain with LED Lights
$128.00 $98.00
Tealight Pillar Tabletop Fountain
Modern Bowls Fountain with LED Lights
$238.00 $188.00
Rockery LED Indoor Water Fountain
$68.00 $58.00
Polyresin Flower Water Fountain
$60.00 $49.99
Polyresin and Fiberglass Tiered Pot Fountain
$218.00 $128.00
Multi Bowls Tabletop Fountain
$75.00 $65.00
Multi Colorful Pots Tabletop Indoor Fountain
$54.00 $39.99
LED Buddha Indoor Tabletop Fountain
$76.00 $66.00
Grey Mini Tabletop Fountain
$52.00 $43.00
Leaf Pot Indoor Fountain
$54.00 $45.00
Imitate Sand Stone Cascade Tires Indoor/Outdoor Lighted Fountain
$288.00 $195.00
Four-Tier Cascading Fountain
$46.00 $36.00
Broken Pot Tabletop Water Fountain
$58.00 $48.00
Buddha Water Fountain Carrying Coin and Wu Lou
Buddha Water Fountain with Dragon
8 Water Feature
$98.00 $85.00
Water Fountain
$88.00 $59.99