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Jumbo Kendama

Jumbo Kendama is one brand name of Feng Shui Import.  Jumbo Kendama is the translation of 俊宝 (in Chinese ) kendama. It means that "The Kendama is so cute that people enjoy playing it and treat it as the treasure".  

Jumbo kendama is directly imported and distributed by Feng Shui Import. Welcome to wholesale kendama at Feng Shui Import.  Please contact us for wholesale price.

Our Jumbo Kendama use Feng Shui 5 Element - Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth as logo carved in the kendama handle.  The signs for the logo are representing as followings:
1. Coin Logo represents Metal Element;
2. Water Logo represents Water Element;
3. Leaf Logo represents Wood Element;
4. Fire Logo represents Fire Element;
5. Mountain Logo represents Fire Element;

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