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Other Gemstone

Clear Quartz Pendant, Smokey Quartz Pendants

Besides of amethyst, rose quartz, aventurine, citrine, this category contains other gemstone, items in this categorey have gem tree, clear quartz pendant, smokey quartz pendant, clear quartz pyramid, clear quartz pendulum, clear quartz wand, jasper heart and natural polished tumbled stones etc.

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Tiger Eye Apple with Leaf
Extra Jumbo Size Carnelian Tumbled Polished Natural Stone
Small Green Peridot Tumbled Chip Crushed Stones
Small Clear Quartz Tumbled Chip Crushed Stones
Small Blue Lapis Tumbled Chip Crushed Stones
Black Marble Pyramid
Grey Marble Pyramid
Gemstone Snake Statues
Gem Tree
7 Gemstone Balls on Star of David Crystal Base
Gemstone Rabbit Statues
Smoky Polished Point
Red Carnelian Gem Tree with Coins
Mix Gem Tree with Coins
Clear Quartz Pendant
Clear Quartz Pyramid
$22.50 $19.50
Clear Quartz Polished Point
Clear Quartz Pendulum
Jasper Heart