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Tai Sui Amulet
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Small Buddha Statues, Little Buddha Statues

Small Buddha statues are in this category. Small Buddha figurines have small laughing Buddha figurines, little money Buddha statues, small meditating Buddha statues, small Chinese Buddha figurines and little Buddha set, etc.  See more Buddha statues.

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Six Little Colorful Redwood Buddha Statues
Six Little Shinning Gold Buddha Statues
Laughing Buddha Statue
Chinese Buddha with Wu Lou
Golden Buddha Statue on Big Ingot
Small Buddha Charm as Cell Phone Charm
Metal Buddha Key Chain
7 Buddha
$36.00 $32.00
Little Relaxing Buddha
Little Buddha
Sitting Buddha
$9.99 $7.99
Lying Down Black Buddha
Dragon Chair Buddha
Six Little Buddha Statues
Carrying Money Buddha
Traveling Buddha
Chinese Buddha
Meditating Buddha

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