New Year Items

Big Buddha

Large Buddha Statues, Garden Buddha Statues

Large Buddha statues as well as garden Buddha statues for yard are in this category.  Big Buddha statues have big money Buddha statues, big happy Buddha, big meditation Buddha, big fat Buddha and big golden Buddha.

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16 Inch Golden Money Buddha Statue
Green Chinese Buddha Statue
Golden Lying Down Happy Money Buddha
Big Golden Laughing Buddha Statue with 5 Boy Children
Big Golden Buddha Statue
Green Chinese Buddha Stepping on Wu Lou
$42.00 $38.00
Green Chinese Buddha Stepping on Ingot
$42.00 $38.00
Meditation Buddha Head Figurine
Chinese Buddha Statue on Dragon Chair
$48.00 $38.00
Buddha Water Fountain Carrying Coin and Wu Lou
Buddha Water Fountain with Dragon
Big Buddha Statue
Jade Color Big Buddha Statue
Chinese Buddha Statue
Money Buddha
Happy Buddha
Gautama Buddha
Standing Money Buddha