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Guan Gong is also named Guan Yu, Kwan Kong, Kuan Kong or Kong Chang. He is one of famous Chinese general during the late Eastern Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms era of China (206 BC - 220 AD). He was always carrying one Guan Dao sword. He is also the brother of the first emperor (Liu Bei) of Kingdom of Shu. Guan Gong played a significant role of establishing the Kingdom of Shu. He is respected as the epitome of loyalty, moral qualities and righteousness. Guan Gong is still being worshiped by Chinese people today.

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Golden Standing Guan Gong Statue Holding Guan Dao
Brass Guan Gong Statue
Brass Guan Gong on Horse Statue
GuanGong Protection Talisman Card
Standing Guan Gong Holding Guan Dao
Standing Guan Gong Statue Holding Qing Long Dao
Guan Gong
Guan Gong
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Kong Chang
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Kwan Kong on Horse Statue
Guan Gong Pendant
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Guan Gong
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