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Wen Chang Pagoda
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Auspicious Animals

Lucky Animals, Feng Shui Animals

Feng shui animals can be used as lucky animals or protection animals. Most are golden animals. There are feng shui camel, trinity animals, 3 divine guardians, fortune bat, etc auspicious animals in this category.

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Bejeweled Red Tzi Chi Kau
Three Red Lions Remedy for Three Killings
Big Brown Prosperity Eagle Statue
Bejewel Dragon Fish Jumping Dragon Gate Seal
Bejewel Pi Yao Seal
Feng Shui Mongoose
$108.00 $88.00
Three Lions Remedy for Three Killings
Bejeweled Phoenix Amulet Keychain
Crimson Phoenixes
$98.00 $88.00
A Pair of Peacock
Dragon and Phoenix Life Force and Love Energizer
$80.00 $68.00
Feng Shui Red Eagle Statue
$78.00 $63.00
Golden Eagle Statue
Lucky Cat Amulet Keychain
Double-Fish Keychain for Double Happiness and Wealth
Garuda Bird for Protection against Illness
Dragon with Water Bowl and Ingots
Dragon Phoenix Ingot

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