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Wu Lou Wind Chime
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6.5" Fish Bowl Stand
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Feng Shui Wu Lou, Chinese Gourds

Feng shui wu lou gourd uses Chinese gourd to absorb the sickness energy since feng shui gourd has the meanings of good health.  There are jade wu lou, brass wu lou, calabash gourds, wu lou charms, wu lou amulets and wooden wu lou, etc in this category.

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Garuda Wu Luo
Blue Medicine Buddha Wu Luo Keychain Amulet
Garuda Wu Luo Keychain Amulet
Black Wu Lou Charm
Copper Wu Lou Charm
Medicine Buddha With Wu Luo Amulet Keychain
$19.99 $16.99
Garuda Wu Lou Keychain
$19.99 $16.99
Feng Shui Wu Lou Charm
Golden Wu Lou with Pi Yao and Ru Yi
Feng Shui Wu Lou Charm with coin
Feng Shui Wu Lou Charm
Buddha Feng Shui Wu Lou Charm
Golden Metal Feng Shui Wu Lou Charm
Garuda Wu Lou
$88.00 $68.00
Wu Lou with Longevity God
$46.00 $39.99
Polished Brass Wu Lou
Eight-Immortal Brass Wu Lou
$106.00 $95.00
Shinning Gold Brass Wu Lou
$8.99 $6.99

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