Feng Shui Items

This category contains other feng shui items, such as feng shui compass, feng shui mobiles, feng shui flute, feng shui money tree, double happiness sign, Bai Choi, salt lamp, mystic knots, red tassel, zen garden, lucky bamboo plants and kinetic art, etc feng shui items.

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Evil Eye Tree with Golden Coins
Money Tree with Evil Eye Jewels
Lotus Root
$78.00 $58.00
3 Celestial Guardians Five Element Yang Metal Cure
Tiger, Ox and Crystal Ball
$88.00 $68.00
Anti-Burglary & Violence Window Sticker
Wish Granting Tree
$76.00 $66.00
Fortune Booster
Love Nest for Single
Love Nest for Couple
7 Jade Ingots on Star of David Crystal Base
Feng Shui Peach
Brass Fu Dogs Sitting Beside Mountain
$29.99 $26.00
Tangerine Feng Shui Symbol
Yellow Jade Wealthy Pot with Ingots
$68.00 $63.00
Wish Granting Tree with Lucky Charms
Chinese Abacus
Feng Shui Fire Ball
$49.50 $45.00
Kinetic Art - Asteroid Revolving
Evil Eye Tree with Golden Coins
Evil Eye Tree
Rock Salt Lamp
Chinese Wedding Double Happiness
Solar Energy Money Tree
Money Tree with Crystal Base
Bejeweled Tree of Life with Birds
Coin Sword
Heart Shaped Double Happiness Sign
Double Happiness Sign with Dragon Phoenix Sticker
Money Trees
Feng Shui Compass
Fu Shou Tao
Mystic Knots
Bride and Groom
Money Trees
Feng Shui Compass
$7.99 $5.99
Electronic Rotating Bases
2 of Feng Shui Bamboo Flutes
Bundle of Red Strings
Heart Shaped Double Seahorses