Feng Shui Home Protection Kit 2016

Feng Shui Protection Kit 2016:

Good Feng Shui cures will protect one from an unexpected incident, prevent financial drain, eliminate affliction, and provide family a healthy life and a harmonious environment.

Same as any Feng Shui enhancer, a Feng Shui cure should be well-positioned in order to maximize its auspicious power. When a cure is appropriate to the manifestation of energy of a menacing star, it can resolve the problems that caused by the troublemaker.

Designed in elegance and chosen carefully by experienced Feng Shui Master from authentic Feng Shui School, the Feng Shui Protection Kit 2016 for year of the monkey, comprising the best Feng Shui cures for each ominous star, offers the best energy remedy to every important aspect of life that ranges from career, business, finance, health, relationship and marriage.

Feng Shui Tips of how to use this feng shui protection kit 2016:

1. Star #2 stays in the center. As the star of sickness, #2 causes illness, especially digestive system problem. Star #2 belongs to earth element and it will be strengthened since the central region where it locates belongs to earth element. The conflict between overwhelmed earth elements will bring out even more potential dangers of #2, such as stomach diseases and other illnesses. Star #2 represents the female household and other elder females in the house; women are therefore more vulnerable to this type of the energy. Displaying Wu Lou with Longevity God in the center can dissolve some illness chi.

2. Star #5, the notorious Five Yellow, stays in the northeast region. Five Yellow belongs to earth element. It possesses the most unstable energy of all nine flying stars and always brings unexpected changes and accidents to life. Display Heart Sutra Pillar in this corner.

3. This inauspicious flying star #7 represents theft, loss, accident caused by metal and other related violent energy. Display Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant Plaque in the north corner to remedy the ill-developed metal energy of this star.

4. Flying star #3 stays in the northwest region. As one of the inauspicious stars, star #3 causes arguments, damage, lawsuit, etc. Display Chinese Red Lantern with Water Crystal and Mantra Mirror Talisman in the northwest region to dissolve this inauspicious star's wood energy.

5. Since Tai Sui of the year locates in the southwest region, northeast, recognized as Suipo(direct conflict with Taisui), is also deeply affected. One should display the Tai Sui Plaque 2016 in the southwest to mollify the energy of Tai Sui and Suipo.

6. Display rectangular shaped 3 Celestial Guardian Plaque in the south to suppress the threatening energy of Three Killings.

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