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Feng Shui Home Enhancer Kit 2016

Feng Shui Enhancers Kit 2016:

A Feng Shui enhancer should be well-positioned in order to maximize its auspicious power. When the enhancer is appropriate to the manifestation of energy of certain region, it can play a significant role in helping one to achieve his ideals.

Designed in elegance and chosen carefully by experienced Feng Shui Master from authentic Feng Shui School, the Feng Shui Enhancer Kit 2016 for year of the Monkey, comprising the best Feng Shui tools for each auspicious star, takes care of every important aspect in life that ranges from career, business, finance, education, relationship, marriage and children.

1. Star #4, the star of creativity, locates in the west. Display Water Fountain in west region to foster education luck, and generate inspiration and cultivate personal talent.

2. Star #9, locating in the east this year, is the star of bliss that signifies delight events, such as promotion, new start of enterprise, marriage and giving birth of new baby. Display NGAN CHI Wealth Tree in the east to stimulate the propitious energy of star #9.

3. The wealth star #8 graces the southwest in 2016. This auspicious star will bring you career luck and prosperity. Display Eight Auspicious Symbols Plaque in the southwest to maximize the auspicious energy of star #8.

4. Star #1 stays in the southeast region. As the star of relationship, it brings propitious energy for love, networking and business. Display Blue Water Wave in the east to enhance the propitious energy.

5. Star #6, the career star, will stay in the south region this year. Representing career, promotion, benefactor and positive changes, #6 is one of most promising star in the nine-star family. To stimulate the promising energy of star #6, one can display Pair of Jade Ingot in the south.

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