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Chinese Horoscope Tiger 2014

Overall for Chinese Zodiac Tiger 2014:

Although being in harmony with Taisui star, Zodiac Tiger will still encounter the year of fluctuation and challenge due to the gathering of the ominous stars in the constellation. Gossips and entanglements are likely to occur since the emerging ominous star Baihu (white tiger) attracts knaves and villains (especially from female) while the other ominous stars like Feilian (flying dagger)and Dasha(disaster) is likely to cause undeserved ill turns, bloodshed, surgery, and other accidents. To appeal to the help of Taisui star, Zodiac Tiger can place the 3 Celestial Guardian Plaque support the virtual element of Tiger and boost the cosmic chi of Taisui.

3 Celestial Guardian Plaque

Suggestion for Career:

The absence of favorable star makes the general career luck fluctuate. Disha and Zhibei are both gossip stars that will have you involved in disagreements, jealousy, or tend to make your effort futile. The general career luck is low in Lunar January, March, April, May, July, August, November and December yet rising in Lunar February, June and September. To deflect the ominous energy, Tiger people should place the 3 Legged Bird for Success - Radiant Sun in the southwest to against the vicious competition in the work and safeguard their sail to the shore of success. This arrangement is also beneficial for avoiding the disputes and lawsuit entanglements. To enlighten your intelligence and inspiration in the work and remedy the network problem, you can display Orange Glass Horse Statue with 7 Pieces of Citrine Natural Stone in the south region of your house.      

3 Legged Bird for Success - Radiant Sun Orange Glass Horse Statue Bag of Citrine Natural Stone 

Suggestion for Wealth:

Surrounded by the unfavorable stars, your financial goal is hard to achieve. Because of Dasha star, the extra income luck is unstable. The poor communication and neglect might drive away some opportunities. You also need to work out and practice most of plan by your own. Pay special attention when you are signing the legal documents. If you work in an office, displaying the Wealth Red Scroll in the southeast of the office is necessary. The best time of carrying on important financial activity is in Lunar February and June, while the worst occur in Lunar May, January, March, April, May, August, November and December. Especially among lunar May, August and December, you might make risky speculation base on bad advice or wrong information you receive. To tap the energy from auspicious finance star Wuqu, you can hang the Gold Bar in the west of the house. The Golden Pagoda with Camel Amulet in the southwest will help to enhance the benefactor luck.

    Wealth Red Scroll   Gold Bar Golden Pagoda with Camel Amulet

Suggestion for Relationship:

Without special strong romance star in the house, the love life of Tiger people this year is prosaic. Baihu Star will produce the feeling of solitude and frustration. In order to increase the love luck and meet the suitable partner; Tiger people can display the The Moon Rabbit - Full Moon in the southwest corner of the bedroom. Affected by vexing Zhibei star, Tiger couples are more susceptible to emotional fluctuation, distrust, and disharmony between each other. To improve the relationship with your love one and avoid the quarrelsome energy, you can have Amethyst Gem Tree with Coins in the north corner.


The Moon Rabbit - Full Moon   Amethyst Gem Tree with Coins   

Suggestion for Health:

Zodiac Tiger is susceptible to ailments and injuries for the trespass of stars Baihu (white tiger). Due to the arrival of Dasha star, disharmony and sudden changes is likely to occur in the family. Carrying the Sakyamuni Buddha with SheLi Pagoda Talisman Card with you all the time can lower the ill-developed earth energy of the threatening stars. To hang the Safety Red Scroll in the southeast is the best cure to combat the menacing stars and keep you away from bloodshed and mishaps. Baihu star is particularly unfavorable for female; therefore, female Tiger people should also watch for the gynecological diseases. Lunar March, July and October would be the time period that you should pay extra attention to personal safety. Hang the Longevity Knowledge Vase Amulet in the east to prevent ailments from overstress and bring you an easeful mood in work.

Sakyamuni Buddha with SheLi Pagoda Talisman Card Safety Red Scroll Longevity Knowledge Vase Amulet
Safety Red Scroll

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