Feng Shui Tips for Rabbit People

Overall in 2008

There is no particular strong ominous or auspicious star with Tiger people this year, which means Tiger people have to work out and carry everything all by themselves. Nonetheless, a motion star with the name Yima will stick with you. Yima is a neutral star that indicates getting moving in your life. Once this star concerns your fortune, activities of changes (for instance, you have to take a certain long journey for some reason, move from one place to another, switch jobs, etc) occur necessarily. As for positive or negative, it depends on whether Tiger people would seize these opportunities in the right way.

Feng Shui Tips 1 for career

Tiger people will encounter some big changes in work, for instance, environment changes or job switches. The chances of business travel will increase. For businessmen, they have to make a lot travels or busy work to get their profits and new customers. A water fountain with crystal ball in east and money tree in southeast can benefit Tiger people to surmount a new top in the work. In order to challenge the new working situation, Tiger people need to carry jade Ru Yi, which can provide a remedy to smooth the tough presence of transition. To ensure to grab better chance, a crystal globe or a green crystal tree in northeast of your office to trigger the propitious chi that is good for stimulating the inspiration in the work. For business people, a jade Piyao necklace with them and a crystal pagoda in northeast are recommended .

Feng Shui Tips 2 for wealth

It is the year of instability for Tiger people. It is good to go out to make money actively. For those who have jobs relating to multi-marketing, pyramid selling or agents, they mightay have more chances to gather wealth. Nevertheless, there is a menacing star Sangmen in their constellation. The presence of this star will cause accidental financial losses, such as theft, robbery or fraud. Do be vigilant about it. Placing a blue rhinoceros in southwest and one Five Wealthy Gods in north will prevent the loss of wealth and suppress the threatening chi from robbery star. Keep a lucky coin charm inside the drawer that you usually open will favor Tiger people to derive the wealthy luck from all over.

Feng Shui Tips 3 for relationship

Bad relationship star Guchen (lonely period) suppresses romance of Tiger people, and furthermore affects overall their networking. Lovers or Married couples will be living apart due to the changes of work or study. There are more disputation even break-up. Patience and understanding are necessary to resolve these discords. To improve the relationship luck and weaken the quarrelsome chi from the gossip star, place golden three harmonious Gods in central grid and one red color Pi Yao or Red Feng Shui Rhinoceros in west. Married couples need to place jade mandarin ducks beside their beds to recover the harmonious status. Since there is lacking in romance for Tiger people, it is compulsory for single to trigger the Romance star and joyous star by hanging a purple crystal in southeast. Carrying jade butterfly necklace with him/her strengthen the love relationship and stabilize it.

Feng Shui Tips 4 for health

It is easy to fall sick and feel frustrating this year. So many activities of changes in life may exhaust themselves. Be aware of ailments because of the ominous star Sangmen. Particularly pay attention to health for senior tiger people. Place six-rod wind chime in south and Double bell Charm in northwest to ward off illness misadventure.

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