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Chinese Horoscope Snake 2013

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Snake in 2013:

The year of Snake implies that Taisui is hovering in the palace of Snake this year. The stay of Taisui means Snake people are susceptible to the affection of Grand Duke Jupiter. Taisui stirs the chi in your palace, and consequently, you have to face the year of changes and fluctuations in various aspects (work, study, affection, and even life style). Nonetheless, change also indicates opportunity. If you can harness your fortune, you can always take the advantage of the happening joyous changes to "block" and "replace" the coming unfavorable events. Besides, the arrivals of three powerful auspicious stars, Jieshen (resolution), Bazuo (eight seats) and Tianyi (heavenly support) will bring you excellent backing. Since the impact of Tiasui is so potent to drive your choice into the wrong direction, especially in the aspects of career and emotion, Dragon people can carry Tai Sui Amulet all the time to appease the daily fretfulness and depression. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Snake 2013

Suggestion for Career:

The lucky star Bazuo (eight seats) and Tianjie (heavenly support) will increase your social status level and unexpected likelihood of success due to benefactors from time to time. However, being against Taisui implies change in the work, which might be visualized as jobs changing, work shift, or company reconstruction. You should beware the portents and make provision for the various attacks from three ominous stars Zhibei (backstabber), Fuchen (instability) and Xueren (bloodshed). These menacing stars will pose great difficulties and bring about side issues on the course. Thus the pressure is loaded on your back. Since the quarrelsome energy is stirred by Zhibei star, the disagreement and gossip are very easily brought forth in life. Prudence is the key word in communication, while some charity (like donation) can help to release the threatening energy. Fortunately, the Tianjie star will be very supportive when you are encountering troubles. to remove the obstacles in the way and fructify your hard work, you can you can hang the 3 Legged Bird for Success - Radiant Sun in the north to usher the auspicious energy of your favorable benefactor star and boost up your general fortune. In order to actualize the elevation of power and authority and ward off the gossips, you can display the Heaven Luck Activator Amulet in the northwest and Red Scroll - Wish Comes True in the east region of your house. Snake people should place the Gold Bar in the northeast to against the vicious competition in the work and safeguard their sail to the shore of success.

Suggestion for Wealth:

Tianyi star will offer supportive energy when you are in the face of difficulties and uncertainties. The finance luck appears in Lunar January, July, August and November, while for most of the rest of the time, Snake people should be cautious with money since finance crisis may happen to them, especially in Lunar February, April, May, June and October. Adopting a detailed monetary plan or starting saving money ahead of time is therefore suggested. To stabilize the wealth fortune and attract surplus money unending, you can display Crystal Globe with Ru Yi in the northeast and 6-Heaven Gold Coin Dragon Amulet in the northwest. To protect your money from draining away and the disharmony in the work, place the Lock Coin in the east. Besides striving for a better income, Snake people can also explore their new interest in reading since the most valuable treasure that Snake people will actually gain this year is the advance in the knowledge and the spiritual journey. Those whose work related to creativity and art, they can place the Evil Eye Tree in the southeast to enlighten their intelligence and inspiration in the work.

Suggestion for Relationship:

The affliction with Taisui indicates that there are various trials in Snake people's relationship. Impacts and changes signify instabilities ahead in the way of affection. Singles have chance to know new friend. However, affected by Fuchen (instability) star, the relationship is likely to be fruitless this year. Since the love luck for singles oscillates, they can hang the Red Mystic Knot Amulet in the south and the Double Happiness with Phoenix Amulet in the north to boost the love luck and sustain the relationship after. To prevent the disturbance from ill-developing quarrelsome energy, you can display the Red Dragon Amulet With Red Jewel in the south with two red envelops in the east to create an atmosphere of harmony and happiness. Since the third party and emotional entanglement may occur and jeopardize your relationship, Snake people can also place the Colorful Standing Rooster Statue inside their wardrobe and have it face the door.

Suggestion for Health:

Fuchen star implies the unstable emotion, pessimistic feeling and depression, which result in insomnia and nervousness and affect your immune system. The heavy workload this year will exhaust your body and mind, and give you lots of pressure. Emotional depression and solitude will cause you distractions, insomnia and anxiety. Meditation and yoga are both great ways of releasing your anxiety. Hang the Sun Moon 8-Rod Wind Chime in the center and place the Brass Wu Lou in the southwest to dissolve the menacing chi and prevent diseases from overstress. Besides emotional problems, Jianfeng (edge of sword) and Xueren(bloodshed ), the stars of metal and injury, may cause bloodshed, surgery, or accidents that is related to metal element. Pay special attention to the safety of manipulating sharp objects. Those who need to drive a lot or handle dangerous tools should be cautious, for their works require more concentration than others. To alleviate the menacing chi from Jianfeng star; hang the Red Scroll - Fu Sou in the east and the Blue Rhino Amulet in the west to exhaust the threatening energy.

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