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Chinese Zodiac Snake 2010, Chinese Horoscope Snake 2010

Overall in 2010

Overall in 2010: The presence of three ominous stars Sanxing, Guansuo and Liuhai will result in sudden setbacks, villain, frauds, troubles and entanglements. Side issues or new problems crop up unexpectedly. Fortunately, the only lucky star Taiyin will curb the development of these menacing stars to certain extent. As an auspicious star that represents the softness and negative power, Taiyin star will gain you supports from female. It means you will appreciations and exaltations from nice female in the work. However, the tortures from Taisui (Grand Jupiter) will still ruin your plans, bring you anxiety and stress, which would distract you from the work and affect the progress of your career. Placing the golden 4 Face Buddha Statue in the west is authentic way to enable you to capture the good luck and stay away from the interference from Taisui. To enhance your productive opportunities and enjoy a year of harvest favorably, you can display the Linzhi Ruyi in the east. According to the script, Four face Buddha brings four kindnesses philosophy that owned by Buddha (patience, liberal, fair, and meditated). With the four kindnesses, the benevolent Four Face Buddha is ready to devote his lofty power to assist whoever without discrimination. Linzhi is a legendary omnipotent medicine that is able to cure any problems (not only to cure illness but also social pitfalls, mishaps that people may encounter). Ruyi signifies the propitious power that can smoothen your luck, it is why Ruyi has a well-known meaning of doing everything well. For Those zodiacs that have conflicts with Taisui this year, Lingshi Ruyi is highly recommended.

Suggestions for Career

The vantages are brought more by female benefactors this year. As your boss or your superior, they will value your performance with quite different eyes from before, and even promote you to a better position. Nonetheless, because of the trespass of three ominous stars Sanxing, Guansuo and Liuhai, disagreements, gossips, backstabber and cobwebs will appear. Consequently, holdbacks and pressure will slow your pace and ruin your effort in the work. To overcome the obstructions and smooth your sail to the goal, you can tap the prosperous chi from Taiyin star by placing the Golden Pagoda in the west and the red Pi Yao Figurine in the center. This golden crab is also commissioned to help you to prevent pitfalls and backstabber, solving the competition for promotion and other office politics problems. To effectuate your bigger ambitions and achieve your completion, the placement of green jade Dragon Turtle in the northwest and golden Tu Di Po in the east are essential career fortune enhancer for you. Represented the God of earth, Tu Di Po is the same blessing symbol of prosperity as Tu Di Gong. They are worshiped together most of the time. Tu Di signifies the earth energy. Po means female elder and benefactor. According to the five element theory, earth produces metal; and metal is the manifestation of tremendous property in feng shui( metal literally means gold in Chinese). As a merciful God that is in charge of all the wealth sources, Tu di gong is almost sacrificed by every Asian family. We specially choose Tu Di Po to meet the requirement of Snake people's propitious female energy this year. Businessman can place the Golden Garlic on their cashier to fully grasp the best opportunity to prosper your wealth.

Suggestions for Wealth

The torture from Taisui will weaken your monetary luck. For most business people, they will encounter a year of hardship. Fortunately, under the shield of lucky star Taiyin, those who engage in service-oriented business or sales profession will enjoy their collaboration with female partners. If your job is associated with relationship work (for examples, salesman, insurance, real estate agent, lawyer, etc), or your sale targets are mainly about female clients, the reward of your work will increase accordingly. To uplift your financial fortune and advance your revenue, you should display a pair of jade ingots in the center and golden White Standing Kuan Yin Statue in the west to stimulate the emperor wealthy star Eight White and future wealthy star One White. Recognized as one of the most merciful Buddha, Thousand hand kuna Yin is infinitely resourceful. As long as the prayers are supplicating with wholeheartedness, he is very willing to help people out of trouble and giving them the directions in life. It is definitely the perfect arrangement to help Snake people to prevail in the coming tough year. To balance the harsh income, you can put one Clear Quartz Pyramid in the east to enhance the windfall luck in life. Rather than to start and exploit a new market, you'd better create new ideas to keep the old clients and wait for your better occasion. Seeking for creative thoughts, you can place green Aventurine Pyramid in the north of your office to sharpen your mind and trigger your inspiration in the work.

Suggestions for Relationship

The loneliness star Guchen will block most of the romance out of your horoscope. Even for the attached or married couples, the neighborless feeling will still hover around upon their mind. Insulated in romantic encounter, Singles may have a year of solitude. Couples have to face more disagreements and imbroglios. Be tolerant and understandable of different views. Do not let a little dispute break a great relationship. For those who seeking for love, they should display Golden mandarin ducks in the west and one Rose Quartz Heart in the northwest of their bedroom to stir the chi from the relationship star Tan Lang and joyous stars Nine Purple. They can also carry the Rose Quartz Mandarin Duck Charm with them to strengthen personal love energy and attract their potential partner. Couples should beware that misunderstandings happen in life and be forgivable to each other. Pay special attention in sudden changes in Lunar January (around the beginning of western February to the beginning of western March), Lunar July (around the beginning of western August to the beginning of western September) and Lunar September (around the beginning of western October to the beginning of western November). They can prevent the disturbance from the third party and stabilize the love luck by placing rose quartz mandarin ducks in the northwest and Red Scroll - Ru Yi in the south. To place red Red Scroll - Ru Yi in the south region and the blue Rhino in the southeast is the authentic cure to the gossips, scandals and even lawsuit entanglements in life; it is also the remedy to soothe the temper and decrease the quarrelsome chi in the house.

Suggestions for Health

Against the accident star Sanxing, Snake people should take precaution about ailments and little mishaps - especially skin or joint related problems, these little complaints are likely turning into prolonged diseases in this year if they are not remedied in time. Suffering from gossips and other entanglements, you may stay in inquietude and even have serious insomnia. To recover from your sullen mood and your anxiety, you can hang black Wulou in the southeast. The black wulou is good for prevent accidents and violence outdoor. To combat the evil ill stars and safeguard your health, you can place golden medicine Buddha and two natural gourds in the northeast. Elders can place Fu Shou Tao in their bedroom to create longevity chi.

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