2009 Chinese Horoscope Snake

2009 Chinese horoscope Snake (Chinese astrology Snake) for Chinese zodiac Snake sign according to feng shui flying stars and Chinese zodiac symbol Snake.

Overall in 2009

Favorable star Santai, which is the star of power and authority, will gain you new appreciations and recognitions from your boss and colleagues. Thus your fame and position will rise to some extent. Being in potential compatible combo with zodiac ox, it will be a year of stability for Snake people, which also indicates there are few chances for switching jobs, moving house, and etc. It is better for you to stay rather than move. Without any other sustaining stars in your horoscope, the auspicious Santai star will be isolated and failing to develop its energy. On the contrary, several polecats that emerge in your constellation will wreck the opportunities in life. It seems everything is going fine in the surface; however, the encounter of gossips, baddie, and even lawsuits brings you troubles in the meantime. Be precautious anytime because the problems may be triggered at any moment. Placing the golden Shi Xiang Zi Zai (Good Blessing) beside your bed or table to dissolve the evil energy and create an atmosphere of harmony and happiness. Representing the most gracious and auspicious blessing power, this golden Shi Xiang Zi Zai (Good Blessing) is also the best remedy for perturbation and nervous tension.

Suggestions for Career

Promotion luck shows (particularly for those who were born in 1977); nonetheless, the completions in your work also enter white-hot stage. Star Five ghost, Zhibei( backstabber) are coming at you directly. You will be tormented most of the time due to embroiling in this strife. These personnel matters would be the biggest obstacle that hinders you from progressing. To prevent turbulence and achieve the final success in the work, you could place the red color Money Frog in the southeast and golden Dragon Horse in the southwest to foster your career luck. To avoid political problems and protect against backstabber, you can hang the Red Scroll Good Future in the northwest and the Golden Money Buddha Carrying RuYi in the northwest. Because the energy of your benefactor star is weak, you need to apply your intelligence to cope with the difficulties in the work. For some who get stuck in the work or lack of creative idea, they can place the 5 Layer Crystal Pagoda in the south to trigger the inspiration star.

Suggestions for Wealth

Besides promotional chances, Santai star will also bring you some raise. Among all the zodiacs, the Snake people enjoy the most wonderful financial luck, especially for those who engage in business or earn their income by the pieces (like real estate agent. These people may have chance to have a benefit of a big trade out of blue. To ensure a year of harvest and usher tremendous income, you can place the golden Feng Shui Double Carps with Crystal in the northwest and the Large Red Agate Gem Tree in the center to actualize all your wishes about wealth. The Large Red Agate Gem Tree is the perfect trigger to lighten the joyous star Youmi, and the Feng Shui Double Carps with Crystal are specially commissioned to remedy the relationships problems and activate the wealthy star simultaneously. Carved into a jumping posture to signify a breakthrough that can surmount all the obstructions, the double carps together signify concord and prosperity in feng shui practice. With the crystal on the wave to assembling the auspicious chi, the entire item, which is one of the most strikingly powerful enhancers in 2009, possesses the everlasting loyal energy to run for its owner. For those who would like to save money rather than spend currently, they can stimulate the Jinkui (coffer) star by hanging the Kuan Yin Standing on Dragon Charm in the southeast. It is not the time to do the speculation either. Guanfa star shows up, so be watchful for tickets and fines and place the Red Meditation Sitting Buddha in the northeast to deflect the lawsuit star. Business man should look out for document work or collaborative work due to they are susceptible to legal entanglement.

Suggestions for Relationship

Someone would stir up troubles in your life and formant dissension between you and others. Place the golden Class One Divination Stick in the northwest to obtain the support from the auspicious relationship star Tanglang. It is also the best cure to remedy your loss of impression and recognition in social life, especially beneficial for singles, for their images would be easily harmed in the eyes of those people that they admire in the heart due to the misunderstanding. To stabilize their love luck, single Snake people can place the Golden Mandarin Ducks on Heart in the northwest and Happy Kissing Couple in the center to tie their love knot. Invaded by the menacing star Tianku, Snake couples are prone to be pessimistic and consequently having undulate emotion. The disagreements may happen if you don't communicate well with each other at first. To harmonize the love life and suppress the ominous control from evil stars, love couples can place the colorful Dragon and Phoenix in the center and the Feng Shui Three Turtles in the northeast to smoothen their love life. The encouragement and support would be very advantageous for them in this year.

Suggestions for Health

There are not particular sick stars in your constellation, but remember that your uprising career tendency would bring you responsibility and pressure at the same time, and the personnel matters could also lead to exhaustion even sickness. Learn how to ease up yourself and make a healthy diet and schedule. Placing the Ru Yi Metal Wu Lou in the west and hanging the Silver Six Rod Element Balance wind Chime in the north is the best way to suppress the ill chi. For those who have to stay in office most the time, they should avoid stay in the north for too long, besides, they can place the Imperial Longevity Dragon Turtle in the west and the golden Kuan Yin in the north to purify the work atmosphere and help them focus on your work efficaciously. Kuan Yin is also favorable to keep you a reposeful mind in the work and away from the ill energy.

According to most needful elements that you need and the most important aspects currently that you should take care of, our Feng Shui Masters have given the following feng shui items in best conjunction with different birth years and genders after a discreet consideration and calculations. For instance, the year 1960 is Gen Zi, Gen is the heavenly branch and Zi is the earthly branch, most people would simply decide their year element just by the heavenly branch Gen, which represents the Yang Metal element (positive metal). However, it is not simple like that. Based on the Nan Yi system (another famous element system that always take into account of fortune telling), the Gen Zi year belongs to Earth Element. And according to the flying star calculation system in Feng Shui practice, the female who were born in 1960 belongs to earth element (Star Two Black), and the male who were born in 1960 belong to wood element (Star Four Green). Since it is a year of hard work for these people, first of all, we need to ensure them have a healthy body and not being exhausted by the heavy workload and secondary comes the pursuit of wealth. Or else, your may spend on your hard-earned income on the medication fee, which is not worthy at all. For female, we choose Jade Kuan Yin Pendant as the cure and enhancer. In one hand, the auspicious blessing power of Kuan Yin can safeguard your general fortune journey and your health in particular; in the other hand, the jade has the intrinsic nature of combating ill chi and producing prosperity, and jade belongs to the earth element, which functions perfectly as the enhancer of female Rat's needful element. For male, we choose Obsidian 11 Eyes Bracelet as the cure and enhancer. First of all, the Obsidian stone has the power to assembling the propitious chi around and favor its owner to keep a concentrating mind, which is the cure for the male Rat's distraction this year; second, the number 1 and black color both represents water element in feng shui. According to the Five Element Theory, water produces wood, which is the needful element of male Rat. This is the main way that we get the solution and how we make the conjunction with different people within the same zodiac. Sure there are some other detailed and professional calculations before we make the final decision, what we show you is just one of the flowers in this garden, but over the scent, we are sure we could kindly realize how much beauty hidden inside, that is the purpose of Feng shui and we try our best to make the 2009 being one of the best years in your life! May the year of Ox bring you good luck!

For those Snake people who were born in 1941, wearing the Jade Wu Lou Necklace is recommended for male Snake people; wearing the Mala Jade Bracelet is recommended for female Snake people.

For those Snake people who were born in 1953, wearing the Jade Crab Necklace is recommended for male Snake people; wearing the Doubel fishes Necklace is recommended for female Snake people.

For those Snake people who were born in 1965, wearing the Jade Crab Necklace is recommended for male Snake people; wearing the Golden Kuan Yin Pendants female Snake people.

For those Snake people who were born in 1977, wearing the Jade Pi Yao Bracelet is recommended for male Snake people; wearing Jade Mandarin Duck Bracelet is recommended for female Snake people.

For those Snake people who were born in 1989, wearing the Tiger Eye Necklace is recommended for male Snake people; wearing Blue Liuli Pi Yao Bracelet is recommended for female Snake people.

For those Snake people who were born in 2001, wearing the 9 Eyes DZI Necklace is recommended for male Snake people; wearing the Lucky Pendant is recommended for female Snake people.

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