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Feng Shui Tips for Snake People

Overall in 2007

It is a year full of changes and rush. Snake people are against Taisui(the God of Year) this year. Everything is not so smooth and not of your own accord. The threatening stars are around you, disease and bloody accident would happen.

Suggestion 1 for Career

Lots of obstacles and pressure are with snake people. The fortune of relationship is not good either, so you always struggle by yourself, rush and be busy anyway. Jobs like manager or salesman are beneficial , especially for female Snake people. Langan star will set resistances (like lawsuits, relationship problems) in your way; Suipo star will frustrate you even though you pay a hard work. Hang eight jade ingots in southwest to stimulate the Chi of Eight white star which would help you enhance the career fortune. Place a crystal globe or crystal pagoda in east and place a gold color dragon turtle or Ru yi (both in this region but not place them together, like red envelope in the bookshelf and dragon turtle on the table) in northwest to overcome problems at work.

Suggestion 2 for Wealth

Dahao star, which would cause you a huge unanticipated financial loss, stays with Snake people this year. Do be careful with any investment; trick, stuff or proceedings would be stolen. To enhance the career fortune, snake people can place money frog in east and Red and Golden Chi lin in south; it is both favorable for regular and extra income. Snake people could also place horses or yellow crystal in south to activate Yima star. It is good to seek for development in some other area.

Suggestion 3 for Health

Against to Taisui would cause bloody accidents and disease. Emotional and physical problems would come out of great pressure in life and work. Place a monkey statue or wearing monkey pendent can reduce the effects of Taisui. Hang six coins in northeast and a bell in the center to resolve the disease problems. Elder people should watch out for the abrupt changes of health. People who want to fix up the building never begin with northeast, northwest, southeast, west and center of the house. Wearing one Kuanyin pendant is recommended.

Suggestion 4 for Relationship

Different from last year, and the romance fortune is diminishing. Snake people can hang a rose crystal in southeast and place four lucky bamboos in either southeast or west to trigger both romance and relationship fortune. Singles can tidy the personal room first, and get a white, pink or red fengshui vase with fresh water and a pink or red flower in. It will produce opportunities for you. Wearing one jade pendant for love is recommended.

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