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Zodiac Sheep Overall

The year of Rabbit portrays great career luck interspersed with personnel matters and lawsuit entanglements. Being a harmonious companion with zodiac Rabbit, it is going to be a year of better growth and stability for you. If you are talent of leadership never meet any good occasion before, the year of Tiger is the time. The favorable stars Tianjin (heavenly support) and Santai(high rank) are shining upon your horoscope and promising you a bright journey of fortune ahead. Santai star signifies elevation in the career, while Tianjie star will gain you new appreciations and recognitions from your boss and colleagues because it is the star power and authority. However, you should also beware the portents and make provision for the various attacks from four ominous stars Five Ghosts, Guanfu(lawsuit), Fuchen(instability) and Xueren(bloodshed ). You will be tormented most of the time due to embroiling in official politics, lawsuit entanglements and sudden holdbacks. These strives in work would be the complicated obstacles that hinder you from progressing. To prevent turbulence and achieve the final success in the work, you could place the golden Shi Xiang Zi Zai - Good Blessing on your study table and place the Citrine Gem Tree with Coins in the northwest to trigger the chi of the auspicious stars and the center to foster your career luck. Representing the most gracious and auspicious blessing power and appease the daily fretfulness. Representing the most gracious and auspicious blessing power, this golden shi xiang zi zai is also the best remedy for perturbation and nervous tension.

Shi Xiang Zi Zai - Good Blessing Citrine Gem Tree with Coins

Suggestions for Career

The favorable stars Santai and Tianjie will both promote your fame and position to some extent. Your superiors will commission important program to you with credence. For those who work for army or constabulary, their puissance and authority will advance even better than others. Tianjie star has the character of solving problems for others even though it tends to pose some difficulties in the beginning of the course. The propitious star Huagai will develop you talent and gain recognition from others. As the star of inventiveness, it is particularly beneficial for people who embark on creative job. If your work is about art, writing, producing, design and etc, your brainwave will be stimulated, and your inspiration will roll on like waters. Therefore, students studying for scholastic and academic exams have higher possibilities to develop their intelligence and succeed in the tests. Nevertheless, you have to watch out for several stumbling blocks - the gossips, nerve and legal issues caused by stars Five Ghosts, Guanfu. To promise you a smooth ride and attain an excellent path towards career advancement, you can place the Quick Fulfillment Pendant in the southeast and Earth Seal Amulet Keychain in the northwest to stimulate the energy of your benign career stars. You can also foster the career luck by placing the Amethyst Wand in the west region. You need to pay special attention when you are dealing with any official documents or trading agreements. It is best to be clear about all the ordinances before you sign the paper, or else you may drag yourself in some unnecessary disputes even lawsuits. To secure your business from legal entanglement and give a better advantage in commerce, place the Om Mani Padme Hum with Evil Eyes Amulet in the center and the Hum Amulet Keychain in the north.

Quick Fulfillment Pendant Earth Seal Amulet Keychain Hum Amulet Keychain

Suggestions for Wealth

From regular income perspective, there is little fluctuation. Thanks to your powerful career stars, your financial status will be elevated in the same time. However, the expenditure is quite large; it may be because of cost in education or repairing house. Short term speculation is not suggested. Extra cost indicates due to the visit of evil star Guanfu, which causes unforeseen cost due to the legal problems. To make a strategic monetary plan in advance is helpful for you. In order to seize the best occasion and maximize your return, you can hang the Golden Metal Frog Charm in the west and place the Carp Fish Jumping Over the Dragon Gate in the northwest and the Aventurine Pyramid in the west. It is also profitable and beneficial for those who will work for a program of buyout or consolidation, but again, they need to be very careful about the details in your agreements -they can carry the Red Dragon Amulet With Red Jewel with them to dissolve the distraction and traps, for the abrupt setbacks from negative star Kongwang will appear from nowhere. However, if you have some savings, to buy some reliable stocks this year is considerable. Business people can borrow the lifting chi of the future joyous star Youbi and inspiration star Wenqu to ensure all their effort to come true by displaying Large Aventurine Gem Tree in the southwest and the Rose Quartz Wand in the west of their business location. If star Youbi is lighten in your constellation, starting an enterprise, marriage, promotion, even win the lottery, so many dreamlike joyous events are not very far away to you anymore. You can hang place Black Tourmaline Pi Yao Charm in the center and the Red Scroll - Chai Yuan Guang Jin in the north to safeguard your hard-earned money from draining away and the robbery. Business people can hide the Gold Bar behind the cashier to carry out daily monetary plan smoothly .

Carp Fish Jumping Over the Dragon Gate Red Dragon Amulet With Red Jewel Gold Bar

Suggestions for Relationship

Even the absence of love star may decrease the chances of romantic encounters for single Horse people; nonetheless, they should always apply the advantage of Rabbit Year to ask for help or introduction from their friends. Remember they are in a harmonious companion with zodiac Rabbit, which means they are the beneficiaries of the year. People will be accommodating to help them. However, the creative star Huagai star also produce the inexplicable feeling of loneness, which makes you easily isolated and feel depressed. You may need to strive alone, thus pressure is also loaded on your back. Besides, the Fuchen star brings about instability to your relationship, which may lower the passion of love life. Therefore, tolerance and understanding is necessary if your partner is zodiac Ram. In order to enhance the overall love fortune, singles can place Rose Quartz Tree in the west and golden Mandarin Ducks in the northeast to activate the relationship and romance star Tan Lang. To lighten the personal image in the social life, singles can display the Green Jade Ram in the southwest of their bedroom, for Ram and rabbit together can create the harmonious wood energy that Rabbit people can benefit from. Under the shadow of star Five Ghosts, the attached or married couples' mind may turn excessively sensitive, or their diligent work attitude may snub your partner and even make each other feel alienated. Some little surprises will spice up the love life and pull it back to right track. Consideration and understanding are the keys to well communicate with each other. Placing one Green Dragon Turtle in the west of their bedroom is an authentic cure for marital harmony and bliss. To avoid bad temper and arguments in the family, hang the rose quartz mandarin ducks charm and place two red envelopes by the bed or in the north region of your bedroom to alleviate the nerve and dissolve the disagreements in life.

Rose Quartz Tree Green Dragon Turtles Rose Quartz Mandarin Duck Charm

Suggestions for Health

The health situation is not bad. However, being haunted by the star of Five Ghost, Ram people are still vulnerable to ailments or other calamities. Under the effect of Five Ghost and Huagai, mind losing, suspicion, anxiety and depression will happen to you. You are also prone to fluctuate emotionally; hence, relax and communication is the key. To suppress the development of the ill stars and keep the complaints in bay, you can hang the golden wind chimes in the southwest and the 6 I-Chi Coins with two natural gourds in the south and hang the Feng Shui Wind Chime in the east. If you stay in the office most of the time, you can carry the Cosmic Tortoise Amulet with you. Keep regular hours in life and exercises to help you counter the unwanted health symptoms. Besides, be very careful when you are doing the activities or sports that relate to water (like diving, surfing, etc).

6 I-Chi Coins Feng Shui Wind Chime Cosmic Tortoise Amulet

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