Feng Shui Tips for Rabbit People

Overall in 2008

Sheep people will enjoy a smooth going in this year due to the arrival of several powerful promising stars; Ziwei star and Longde star will bring you very auspicious chi that can favor you to make a progress in wealth and career. Once you get stuck in some difficulties or personnel entanglements, you will be able to make a significant breakthrough by the help of a solution star Dijie. The overall luck is upgrading, however, you will suffer some setbacks, conflicts and sudden accidents because of the ominous stars Tiane and Baobai locating in your constellation. To carry a Gold Thousand Hand Buddha Pendants with you is an authentic way to deflect the evil energy and gain benefactors at work.

Feng Shui Tips 1 for career

Under the help of your lucky stars, your endowments will be fully developed. Workers and official can activate their career luck to by placing Aventurine Gen Tree in southeast and gold color feng shui carp in east. It is also the best way to acquire the promotional luck and actualize the success at work. Businessman will have opportunity to strive an expansion of transaction; sales will be on the thriving hand due to the participation of helpful investors. As a propitious feng shui symbol for businessman, a red Piyao in southeast and a Boom In Business red scroll in east can ensure an increasing profits. Sheep people can also hang a green crystal in northeast to stimulate their inspirations in work or study.

Feng Shui Tips 2 for wealth

Sheep people will enjoy a raise of wealth in 2008. Nonetheless, the Baobai star will cause you financial loss by sudden accidents; it leads the general wealth luck in a fluctuation. Sheep people have some windfall luck, carrying a Pi Yao bracelet is the best way to energize this extra luck. But risky speculation is not recommended. Hang a blue crystal in the southwest and place a golden rhinoceros in north to smoothen the monetary status and usher in more pleasant increase of prosperity. Place a red color laughing Buddha in west to drive away the horrible star and prevent your accidental cost and legal issues.

Feng Shui Tips 3 for relationship

The lucky star Ziwui will bring you not only benefactors in the work, but also potential partner in love. For singles, place a golden mandarin ducks in the center and carry a mandarin duck necklace to purify your love energy in order to meet the suitable partner. For married couples, the emotional temporary quarrels and conflicts will be brought in by the threaten stars Suisha and Liuhai. Liuhai star will even affect your relationships among your relatives. Problems will be solved eventually due to the nice solution star Dijie. To remedy this situation, couples can place three golden Gods in the center and red envelopes in the southeast.

Feng Shui Tips 4 for health

The health is good, but overwork problems will exhaust you and cause some emotional changes or pressure. Besides, the Tiane star will bring you some unexpected calamity all of a sudden. Sickness related to digestive system indicates. Pay specific attention as you drive and exercise, also hang wind chime in south and Feng Shui Bell in northwest to remove the ill chi of your house, carry an eight white jade wu lou with you or hang it by your besides is recommended. Senior Sheep people should pay specific care about their health.

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