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Feng Shui Tips for Sheep People

Overall in 2007

The star Huagai would light Ram people's wisdom and trigger their inspiration; however, Huagai star would produce emotional problems. In this year, the fortune of relationship and romance is very weak, and there are no special helpful people around you. It is a lonely year for Ram people, and they have to struggle everything by themselves most of the time.

Suggestion 1 for Career

Consider to put everything before you into practice. Changes at work (like transfer or start an enterprise) are not recommended. But don't over worry about it, because the career fortune is static this year. If some Ram people were engaged in some work associated with art, they would have some special inspirations this year. Placing a dragon turtle and a crystal pagoda in southeast can enhance your fortune of relationship, and it is also the nice way to stimulate the inspiration in the work. To enhance the career fortune, Ram people can place money frog in southwest.

Suggestion 2 for Wealth

The menacing stars Baihu and Kongwang would cause Ram people some financial losses. Watch out for steal or trick event. Never risk for speculation. To motivate the auspicious Chi of wealth, Ram people can hang Eight Roars Collecting Riches in southwest and place a pair of Pi yao in north. Wearing jade pendant is recommended.

Suggestion 3 for Health

Some diseases or bloody accidents would come out of Baihu star. Ram people should try to release themselves from pressure. The emotional problems from Huagai star would turn to physical problems by the effects of ominous star Tianku. Hang a red safety charm in northwest can avoid accidents. Hang double Kuanyin bells in the northeast and hang a metal Wulou in the center to prevent health from the effects of menacing ill Chi.

Suggestion 4 for Relationship

The affections of Ram people are static this year, but some frictions and pessimistic feelings would happen. If your mate is Ram people, do make allowances for him/her. Marry and pregnancies are not so recommended until next year. Singles who seek for love can display a Dragon Phoenix in east and one rose crystal in southeast to trigger the romance stars there. Carrying a pink Jade Piayao charm is recommended (for singles only).

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