Feng Shui Tips for Rooster People

Overall in 2007

The favorable star Wenchang, which is good for study and work, is going with Rooster people this year. It means that Rooster people would have a nice inspiration in study or work; people who are engaged in art or creative work would have a smooth development. Nevertheless, the great pressure and relationship problems would come off work; some unharmonious affairs would happen among Rooster people and their parents by the effects of gossip star Diaoke. The Posui star would bring some sudden failures, financial problems of family and discordant affairs of relationship.

Suggestion 1 for Career

The work is going well this year, and people whose jobs are associated with culture, managements or who are making overall planning and engineering would show their capability in the work. Rooster people can hang eight jade ingots in southwest to activate the propitious career Chi. Placing a crystal pagoda in southeast to welcome Wenchang star into your house, and it is also the way to trigger inspiration of work and study. However, the relationship fortune is not good; tricks or vilifications would happen in your work, and some unhappy scenes would appear. Do pay attention to it. Place golden dragon turtle and red envelope in northwest (both in this region but keep them apart, like red envelope in the bookshelf and dragon turtle on the table) is a remedy of relationship fortune and also a cure for discrepant mood in the family and accidents.

Suggestion 2 for Wealth

The wealth fortune this year would have some problems. Some unforeseen disturbances, financial losses would come out of menacing stars Tiangou and Posui, which in charge of losses, attack and calamity. If some Rooster people were businessman, never risk and watch out for some and sudden misfortune. The extra income fortune is also weak this year. Placing prosperity boar in the east is to enhance the joyous Chi in the house to fight against the negative Chi of Tiangou and Posui. The extra income fortune is also weak this year. Place money frog in north to modify the money luck and improve the windfall fortune.

Suggestion 3 for Health

Posui star and Zaisha star would lower Rooster people's energy, and it would be a year of weak health. Do be careful when doing outside sports, working or taking a travel especially for driving. Bloody accidents would come. Hanging a brass Wu lou in the center and wind chimes in northeast can avoid the diseases of the family members. Wearing Wu lou or Kuanyin necklace is recommended. Drivers can hang a Kuanyin bell in the car to prevent from chi of threatening stars.

Suggestion 4 for Relationship

There is no romance star for Rooster people this year; even worse, there is some menacing Chi in Sanhe (the friendly aspects) of zodiac Rooster. The singles would have a struggle year, and the lovers should take care of the frictions in affections vigilantly because it would cause a crack. Placing mandarin ducks in southeast can enhance weak romance luck for singles, and it is a healing method for the disagreeable mood between couples.

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