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Chinese Zodiac Rat 2012 for Year of the Dragon

Overall for Zodiac Rat in 2012:

Being in harmony with Taisui star, Zodiac Rat will usher a positive turn after the year of fluctuation and setbacks that you just went through. The visit of the propitious stars Jiangxing (general) and Jingui will strength your general luck in the aspects of career and wealth. Nonetheless, gossips and other entanglements may occur since the emerging ominous star Baihu (white tiger) attracts knaves and villains (especially from female). To appeal to the help of Taisui star, Zodiac Rat can carry Bejeweled Golden Dragon Amulet KeyChain. On one hand, the metal element of this amulet will support the water element of Rat; in the other hand, the dragon sign will unite with water energy of zodiac Rat and consequently boost the cosmic chi of Taisui.

Bejeweled Golden Dragon Amulet KeyChain

Suggestion for Career:

Indicating the emersion of power and elevation in the career, Jiangxing star provides you the opportunities for leadership in the work, and thus enhances your career luck and promotional opportunities. Those who work as a member of the management team in government or big company would have better chances to earn recognition from their bosses. In order to grasp the opportunity in the work and boost your promotional luck, you can place Double Golden Dragon Picture in the northeast and Money Tree in the west to carve a smooth path for your shinning future. Nonetheless, never neglect the harm from star Baihu( whiter tiger), for it brings knaves and gossips to you ( especially from female). Aiming at your success, jealousy and scandals occur as bothers. To prevent pitfalls, backstabber and other office politics problems, Zodiac boar can hang Red Dragon Amulet with Red Jewel in the north. This arrangement is also beneficial for enhancing your social networking fortune and avoiding the disputes and lawsuit entanglements.

Double Golden Dragon Picture Money Tree Red Dragon Amulet with Red Jewel

Suggestion for Wealth:

Although you will receive better benefactor luck from the superiors, your peers or subordinates may not collaborate to actualize your ideal. As a result, you may need to work out and practice most of plan by your own. Pay attention when you are signing the legal documents. If you work in an office, placing a red color Pi Yao Figurine in the southwest of the office is necessary. The best time for financing is in Lunar March and November, while the worst occur in Lunar April, May and July. To tap the energy from suspicious finance star Jingui, hang the Wealth and Power Talisman in the center of the house. Carrying one HEAVEN AND EARTH AMULET Keychain will enlighten your intelligence and inspiration in the work; it is particularly beneficial for those who get stuck in the work.

Pi Yao Figurine Wealth and Power Talisman HEAVEN AND EARTH AMULET Keychain

Suggestion for Relationship:

The presence of the romance star Hongyan will increase your attractiveness in social life. However, it may also bring affairs for those who are already in love. To prevent from the third party or extra marital affairs, one either carries the Rooster Fan Amulet or hangs it inside the bedroom, and has it in a spot where it can look out through the door of bedroom. To improve the relationship with your love one and avoid the quarrelsome energy, you can have the Magic Fire Wheel Amulet in the southwest of the bedroom. To activate the romance star, singles can hang the Double Happiness Amulet with Mystic Knot in the south of their bedrooms.

Rooster Fan Amulet Magic Fire Wheel Amulet Double Happiness Amulet with Mystic Knot

Suggestion for Health:

Zodiac Rat is susceptible to ailments and injuries for the trespass of stars Baihu (white tiger) and Tianxiong (ill development). Lunar April, May and July would be the time period that you should pay extra attention to. Besides, Baihu star is particularly unfavorable for female; therefore, female Rat people should also keep watch for the gynecological diseases. Pitou (ominous mess) dominates the ill emotional temperament. For those who usually work under big pressure, insomnia or neurasthenia can happen to them at a higher rate this year. To hang the Om Mani Padme Hum with Evil Eyes Amulet in the northwest is the best cure to combat the menacing stars and keep you away from bloodshed and mishaps. Hang the 6-Rod Silver Wind Chime in the southeast and place two natural Feng Shui Calabash Gourds in the north to prevent ailments from overstress and bring you an ease mood in work.

Om Mani Padme Hum with Evil Eyes Amulet 6-Rod Silver Wind Chime Feng Shui Calabash Gourds

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