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2011 Chinese Horoscope Rat

Zodiac Rat Overall

With the presence of several propitious stars in your constellation, your general fortune will be visualized as a number of successes and occasional failures. The arrivals of powerful benefactor stars Tiande( heavenly bliss) and Fuxing( lucky star) will bring you excellent external support, while Wenchang( inspiration) will smooth the obstacles ahead and enlighten your inspiration in study or work. However, the affliction with Taisui may pose Rat people some difficulties and disappointments in the course of their personal pursuit. To activate the auspicious energy of your benefactor stars and help you to overcome the obstacles, you can place the White Jade Pagoda in the northwest and the Fortune Bat with 5-Coin Talisman in the southeast of the house. For those who engage in creative work (like design, art, advertising, entertainment, and etc), they can carry the Art and Literature Amulet and place the Aventurine Pyramid in the southwest to absorb the inspiring Chi from the creative stars.

White Jade Pagoda Fortune Bat with 5-Coin Talisman Art and Literature Amulet

Suggestions for Career

The blessing stars Tiande and Fuxing are good for enhancing your career luck and bringing you appreciations of others, therefore, the promotional opportunities are also coming into your view. To invite good progress and secure your success, you can place the Carp Fish Jumping Over the Dragon Gate in the west and the Amethyst Pyramid in the northwest to usher the energy of promising stars Eight White and Nine Purple. For those who are looking for job, the lunar March, June, August, September and October is the best time to actualize their pursuit. Rat people can carry Bhrum Syllable Amulet Plaque to tap the energy of the beneficial stars. Nonetheless, due to the disturbance of ominous stars Juanshe (gossip) and Jiaosha (ominous mess), gossips and entanglement occurs to you every now and then (especially in Lunar January, February and July). You can hang the Red Dragon Amulet With Red Jewel in the north region and Medicine Buddha Pendant in the northeast of your house to ward off gossipers and remove setbacks. In this arrangement, dragon, as the favorable partner of zodiac rat, is placed in the original Palace of zodiac Rat to maximize the personal power of zodiac Rat. Specially being designed in red color, the red dragon is also used to exhaust the ill energy of gossip and disputes that caused by the wood star Three Jade. Cooperated with noble power from Medicine Buddha Pendant, it is the best to safeguard your sail throughout the year. If you stay more often in the office, you can also place the Ksitigarbha Fireball with two red envelops in the north region of your personal office.

Carp Fish Jumping Over the Dragon Gate Amethyst Pyramid Bhrum Syllable Amulet Plaque

Suggestions for Wealth

In terms of wealth, your mainstream income is stable. If your work is associated with investment, you are very likely to meet an important client and advance your business. To accomplish the accumulation of wealth and advance your prosperity, you need to ask for help of the beneficial stars by displaying Crystal 8 Symbol in the northwest and golden Rich Amulet with Red Tassel in the northeast to recuperate their clients and flourish wealth. For those who work in the office, they can place the Good Income Luck Talisman in the northeast and the golden Monkey on Elephant in the southeast of their office. Business people can also place the powerful Golden Axe on their cashier to invite the wealthy star into your premise and ensure a year of blossom. The golden Axe will open up new resources of revenue and exploit as much prosperity as possible; it is also helpful to protect its owner from villains and pitfalls. Your gambling luck shows for you are under the shield of the lucky star Fuxing.

To boost your windfall luck, you can carry Lucky Amulet with Tassel with you all the time. Nonetheless, you are still in conflicts with Taisui, it is wise to avert from blind speculation. You can hang Bluewater in Globe in the center and place Red Scroll - fu Gui You Yu in the north to protect your money from draining away and the robbery. Business people can hide the Golden Abacus with Golen Pen under the cashier to carry out daily monetary plan smoothly. For those who always travel around, carrying Grand Duke Appeaser Amulet with them is recommended.

Rich Amulet with Red Tassel Monkey on Elephant Lucky Amulet with Tassel

Suggestions for Relationship

The romance star Hongluan is shinning upon your horoscope. It is time for single Rat people to find your significant others. Since the Hongluan star is also the star that can boost people's joy luck, it is also the great time for the attached couples to get marry. To find the suitable partner and stabilize your love relationship, single Rat people can place the Colorful Mandarin Ducks in the west of their living room and the Black Onyx Dragon Turtle in the northeast to enjoy romance. Single Ox people can also wear the Jade Talisman Love Pendant with them to maximize the chances. Those who seeking for marry can hang the Rose Quartz Mandarin Duck Charm in the west to tie their love knot. Nevertheless, for those who are already in a love relationship, they need to beware of the effect of the bad romance stars Taohua and Xianchi. Short-span partners, immoral lust and extra-marital affairs... These two stars are prone to embroil you into some relationship entanglements. For the interference of these two stars, most of these romance chances are just mirage, one night stay even fraud. For the interruption from these two stars, Rat couples are susceptible to relationship entanglement, which is easy to cause troubles and torments. To prevent the disturbance from the third party and enjoy a life of bliss and happiness, couples could place the Rose Quartz Heart in the west of the bedroom and hang the Double Happiness Sign in the north of the bedroom.

Golden Mandarin Ducks Stone Dragon Turtle Jade Talisman Love Pendant

Suggestion for Health:

There is no threatening star in the constellation of your health. The problem that you need to be wary of is related to the digestive system since you may have more social life this year. Hence, to adopt a healthy schedule and diet is helpful and necessary. Display the 6 Metal Emperor Smooth Coins in the south to prevent you from ailments and safeguard your health. Those who need to travel around can also carry Wu Lou Amulet with them. To prevent the family from violent energy and accidents, you can hang the Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant Charm in the center and the hang the 3 Chi Lin Mystic Knot Wind Chime in the east. Because the Three killing in this year overlap the palace of the dangerous star Five Yellow, the 3 Chi Lin Mystic Knot Wind Chime is considered to be the best solution to both of the menacing energy.

6 Metal Emperor Smooth Coins Wu Lou Amulet 3 Chi Lin Mystic Knot Wind Chime

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