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Chinese Zodiac Rat 2010, Chinese Horoscope Rat 2010

Overall in 2010

There are no strong auspicious stars in Rat people's constellations; in other words, Rat people have to struggle for everything by their own effort. Without any great fortune and particular supports, Rat people will encounter sudden setbacks by the presence of ominous star Zaisha (disaster), which brings undeserved ill turn and puts the effort in vain. To activate the your benefactor luck and enhance the general fortune, you can place the golden Thousand Hand Guan Yin in the east to trigger the lucky star Youbi. For Rat people, it is also a year of Yima (action), which means activities and instabilities are unavoidable for you. Travelling, house moving, immigrating or other changes in life are very likely to happen. Since the unexpected changes will cause financial loss for extra cost, you can place the Golden Garlic inside your drawer you usually used to help you adopt a better budget plan and promise you a smooth sail in future. Pay special attention to the fluctuations in your fortune in lunar May (around the beginning of western June to the beginning of western July) and June (around the beginning of western July to the beginning of western August).

Suggestions for Career

Without the support of others, Rat people have to fight like an isolated force. Your mentor or your colleagues will not either be direct against you or be zealous to help you. Nonetheless, the star ZaiSha will whip up some obstacles and hardship in the work. Keep yourself in countenance when you are facing problems. To reconcile yourselves with the situation in this year is not a bad choice; however, you can always place one Golden Ru Yi Scepter with Auspicious Words in the west to absorb the propitious chi from the current dominant lucky stars and improve your overall career luck. Without careful consideration, job Switching is not recommended due to the lack of strong helper in your zodiac. To overcome the predicament in the transitional period and obtain the excellent path towards career advancement, you can place the yellow jasper Dragon Turtle in the center and red Feng Shui Rhinoceros in the south. For those who work in the office, place the red pyramid or the red Money Frog in the south of your office can prevent you from discord in work. Business people can hide golden pi yao in the drawer or somewhere in your office to bless them with daily smoothness.

Suggestions for Wealth

Short of external support, your diligence is the only way to find the favorable circumstances for your rewards. Besides, the wastage star Tiangou will bring you potential dangers of financial losses. You need to watch out for some sudden extra expenditure. When you are making any finical decision this year, to keep a prudent manner of your monetary plan and to act according to your ability is very important. The lapse of investment and the fraud would cause you unexpected cost, too. Placing the yellow jade ingot in the center is the authentic antidotes to cure the accidental financial losses and against the deception. For your Extra income luck is not stable, any risky speculation or investment is not recommended, either. It is safe and reliable to accumulate your wealth and foster your windfall by hanging the Snail Ammonite in the southeast and the red Sailing Boat Picture in the northwest to suppress the negative effect from the evil stars and regulate the instable income. If you are doing outdoor business or need to travel for your business, you can additionally activate the favorable star by carrying the golden Four Heavenly King Protection Amulet with you to keep you away from threatening chi and help you to grasp the best opportunity ahead.

Suggestions for Relationship

The romance star is fading. Since it is hard to develop a new relationship, those who are singles are most likely to stay in the same status as before. Those attached or married couples may have a year of dreariness. Singles can remedy this situation by placing Golden Mandarin Ducks in the west and hanging a Jade peony plant in northwest to maximize the love energy. Wearing the Mandarin Ducks Jade Necklaces to strengthen your love relationship is recommended because this low fortune of love will easily disappear and make every effort like a mirage. Married couples can hang the Red Scroll - Ru Yi with two red envelops (Put a note in the order comment to say how many red envelops you need, we will ship them with your order as gift) in the south to prevent you from disputes and love depressions. Rat people will feel somehow isolated and lonely and easily get into a blind alley because of the visit the star Guxu (star of loneness). It is good to open your mind and pour the problems to your friends.

Suggestions for Health

The arrival of ill-omened stars Tiangou, Diaoke and Zaisha will cause the unforeseen startles or injuries. Do not attend any risky games, and it is good to have the insurance of safety done before you go out for travelling. To hang the Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant Charm in the southeast is the best cure to combat the menacing stars and keep you away from bloodshed and mishaps. To prevent your family member from any accidents and illness, you can also hang the silver wind chime in the north northeast and the Red Scroll - Fu Sou in the south. Rat people should refrain themselves from visiting patients or attending funeral because of the presence of threatening star Diaoke. To carry the Wu Lou Amulet with you all the time is compulsory to deflect the killing chi. With the visiting of Diaoke, you should also be watchful for the health situation of elder people in your family. To safeguard the elder people's health, one can tie three natural gourds by the older people's bed to combat the major sickness. The placement of three natural gourds is beneficial for those who have a prolonged sickness particularly. Elder people should also stay away from north and west ill corners.

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