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Feng Shui Tips for Rat People

Overall in 2007

For the Rat people, it is better to keep thing same as before. If you want to do something new/important, you have to think about it carefully before you really do it. Also you should especially pay attention to health because BinFu Star, which is in charge of disease, will come into your life. There is one good star which belongs to career luck is with you this year. So it is a year of promotion for Rat people if you could seize the chance. The wealth fortune is not good enough to make ends meet, and there would be something that costs you a lot; however, the fortune of extra income happens. Never venture. Taiyang star, which means positive energy, is in your position. So something that means positive energy would be helpful for you, such as your helpful male friends.

Suggestion 1 for Health

Avoid visiting patients and going to funeral (because it would trigger the Chi of bad star around you). Get a talisman of rat or safety charm with you, hang a metal Wu Lou in the center of house and the wind chime in northeast to ward off the year stars of illness.

Suggestion 2 for Wealth

Place water fountain in north to enhance the windfall luck. In addition, if your door (no matter main door or room door), kitchen or windows in north location, place a green fengshui vase with fresh water to prevent from wealth losing as well as accidents, thieves, violence and so on. Placing one Wealthy God in Southwest is recommended.

Suggestion 3 for Career

You will encounter some unexpected problems in the work even though things are going well originally. Lunar January, May, August and October will be the hardest time; lunar March, July and December will be going well. Placing one green color dragon in southeast and one Crystal Globe in the southwest is a good way to light the good stars in these two auspicious locations of career and help you tear down the bad fortune and get to the goal.

Suggestion 4 for Relationship

Because of Taohua star and Xianchi star, people are easily attracted to you this year. Singles get chances to meet another half. However these two stars are not in steady position that causes unsteady relationship. Romance will come and leave. Watch out your romance fortune especially in lunar April, June and November. To enhance and strengthen the romance fortune, placing a pair of mandarin ducks in the southeast are recommended. Enjoy yourselves in lunar February, July, September and December.

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