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Chinese Zodiac Rabbit 2012

Overall for Zodiac Rabbit in 2012:

Notwithstanding the general fortune is going back to the stable track in comparison with the turbulence of last year, it still oscillates for the affliction with Taisui. In the face of couples obstacles and challenges in the way, Tianyi(heavenly support) star, a powerful benefactor star, will offer you heavenly help through fully developing your intelligence and talent in the work, and you will have better opportunities to win the highly regard from your superiors/sponsors hence. To achieve your potential, you can hang the Good Fortune Amulet in the south of your working place to stimulate the supportive chi from this class one lucky star. Moving your study table to the east region of your house or simply spend most of the time studying there can be beneficial for you too.

Good Fortune Amulet

Suggestion for Career:

With Moyue (unfamiliarity) star in the constellation, the prospect of career is visualized as constant changes and opportunities (like switching job or starting business in a new environment), while Tianyi star will give you supportive hand as you encounter difficulties. For those who want to start a business and seek for partners in the work, Zodiac Ram and Zodiac Dog are your benefactors to look for. You can display the Mix Gem Tree with Coins in the northeast as the best remedy to smooth the difficulties in your transitional period and safeguard your sail to new shore. In order to grasp the opportunity in the work and boost your promotional luck, you can hang Big Fortune Bat with Big Coin in the center to carve a path for your shinning future.

Double Golden Dragon Picture Mix Gem Tree with Coins Big Fortune Bat with Big Coin

Suggestion for Wealth:

The arrival of the looming stars Liuhai (six harms) suggests the wrong decision in the speculation or investment. It is wise to avoid investing or gambling heavily since you tend to make wrong decisions in this field. To appease the ill effects from villain stars and prevent your money from draining away, you can hang the Career Saturday Talisman in the center of your house. Tianyi star may do you a favor to actualize the return for your diligent work and open up new market; nevertheless, you also need to pay attention to the financial changes due to the unstable political environments and the currency risk. To improve your income status and maximize the revenue, place Jade Ingot in the west region of your office and hang the Heaven Seal Amulet Keychain in the northeast to appeal the help from the promising flying stars Zuofu and Youbi.

Career Saturday Talisman Jade Ingot Heaven Seal Amulet Keychain

Suggestion for Relationship:

Having conflicts with Taisui, Rabbit people may experience some changes in their love life; which can be splitting up, getting married, divorce or having baby. However, Rabbit people would feel that they are concerned less than before and prone to be pessimistic and depressed, and thus be aloof from their love ones. For attached lovers, it is better to have a talk with their love ones before the situation turns worse since communication and understanding are really the keys to save their love life. Placing Aventurine Tree in the northeast of their bedroom is an authentic cure for marital harmony and bliss. To avoid bad temper and arguments in the family, place the Red Dragon Amulet With Red Jewel in the southwest region of your bedroom to alleviate the nerve and dissolve the disagreements in life. Since there is no roman star present in Rabbit people's constellation, the love life is generally insipid. To activate your benefactor luck of romance, singles can display Double Happiness Amulet with Mystic Knot in the south of the bedroom.

Aventurine Tree Red Dragon Amulet With Red Jewel Double Happiness Amulet with Mystic Knot

Suggestion for Health:

In the course of striving for your goal in the career, watch out for the sneak attack from Liuhai star and Bingu (sickness), which mostly cause illnesses that relate to infection. Although the powerful Tianyi star will guide you through the reef of danger, it is better to safeguard your health and adopt a healthy schedule and diet. Display the Medicine Buddha Script Amulet in the north to suppress health issues caused by ill stars. Those who stay a lot in the office should carry the Medicine Buddha Pendant with them as the protection against evil energy.

Medicine Buddha Script Amulet Medicine Buddha Pendant

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