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2011 Chinese Horoscope Rabbit

Zodiac Rabbit Overall

It is the year of Rabbit, which means Rabbit people are against God of the year Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui). As a result, Rabbit people are facing the year of changes and fluctuations. Nevertheless, surrounded by several auspicious stars Suijia and Jiangxing, Rabbit people will have chances to turn these harsh situations into new opportunities. To carry Tai Sui Amulet and the Three Celestial Guardians Amulet Plaque in the east is advantageous to decrease the effect from Taisui and ensure you to seize the opportunity in life successfully. Consisting of the three Celestial Guardians Chilin, Fu Dog, this amulet is specially designed to combat evil energy, especially the villainous Three killings, which unfortunately locates in Zodiac Rabbit's original palace this year with the other menacing star Five Yellow. Purposely made of metal material, the amulet can exhaust the ill earth chi of Five Yellow and bring protection, peace and harmony to the fluctuant life of Rabbit People in this year. Nonetheless, change also indicates opportunity. If you can harness your fortune, you can always take the advantage of the happening joyous changes to "block" and "replace" the coming unfavorable events. Since the impact of Tiasui is so potent to drive your choice into the wrong direction, especially in the aspects of career and emotion, Rabbit people should carry Victory Banner with Evil Eye or place it in the northeast of house to safeguard their sail to the shore of success. For those who endure pressure in work, they can also place golden Double Metal Vajra with Stand on the study table to appease the daily fretfulness. The vajra is a noble ritual object, which symbolizes both thunderbolt and diamond. The double Metal Vajra emblems firmness of spirit; and it is embodied in the form of a metal weapon that is capable of defeating any evil force. It is the essential Feng Shui tool for the zodiacs that have a conflict with Taisui. Keep yourself imperturbable and avoid going ahead without considering the consequences; make a plan before you put your thoughts into practice.

Tai Sui Talisman Three Celestial Guardians Amulet Plaque Victory Banner with Evil Eye

Suggestions for Career

Due to the effect of Taisui, certain instabilities even turbulences appear in life, but challenges also imply new opportunities. The blessing star Suijia star is good for bringing you appreciations of others and putting you in an important position. Bestowed by the propitious star Suijia, you are able to develop your ability and gain the new appreciations and recognitions from your boss and colleagues; therefore, you are likely to make a remarkable change of your fame and social fame. Jiangxing star represents power, recognition and elevation in your career. These two favorable stars will promote your fame and position to some extent. However, the fluctuation of your fortune may cause you extra hardship, and new problems may crop up unexpectedly in the mean while. In other words, Rabbit people need to learn how to seize the occasion in the year of changes. To assemble and stimulate the positive career energy, you can place the Earth Seal Amulet in the northwest and the Hum Amulet in the west to create more advancement in your work and boost up your promotional luck. When chances of switching jobs happen to you, or when the new plans or partners show up, do consider twice before you make the final decision. To ensure smooth changes in life, Rabbit people can hang Red Scroll - Sailing Boat in the north and the Lucky Amulet with Tassel in the southeast to deflect ominous energy and assemble the fortuitous chi in your career. Those who engage in creative occupation or need inspiration in the work can ask the help of the inspiration star by placing black color Trinity Buddha in the southwest of their work place.

Earth Seal Amulet Keychain Hum Amulet Lucky Amulet with Tassel

Suggestions for Wealth

Fortunately, with the help of the money saving star Jingui (gold safe), the regular income is stable. Nevertheless, the potential danger indicates due to both the afflictions with Taisui and the absence of wealth star in your constellation. Because of the villains in the dark, you should also prepare for some revolving fund for your business, for the lapse of investment and the fraud would cause you unexpected financial loss. It is wise to avoid blind speculation or else there is more a loss than gain. You can hang the blue Rhino in the center to safeguard your money from draining away and the robbery. To adopt a conservative and careful monetary plan is beneficial for you. In order not to miss out any money making opportunity, you should ask for help of the future promising star Youbi by placing the Carnelian Dragon Turtle in the west. It is very likely that the menacing stars will pose some gossips, disagreement, and even financial difficulties in the Lunar January, April, august, October, and December. Remember give others a hand if they need you, for helping others can also transform the mishaps in to luck. To against gossips and vicious competition in the work, you can display the Good Fortune Fan in the northeast and hang the Magic Fire Wheel in the north to decrease the disturbances caused by the quarrelsome star Three Jade. Those who want to save the money for the future plan can hide the Golden Garlic inside the drawer where they place money or checkbook, for the presence of lucky star Jingui is very beneficial for conserving money. Placing the blue Rhino (not facing you directly) in the center can help you to draw some windfall luck. Business people can hide the Ru Yi behind the cashier to bless them with daily smoothness.

Good Fortune Fan Magic Fire Wheel Blue Rhinoceros

Suggestions for Relationship

Rabbit people will face various trials in their relationship. Impacts and changes signify instabilities ahead in the way of affection. Those couples who have stayed with each other for a span may either tie their love knot of marriage or split up. To ease the stressful love relationship, you can place the Red Carnelian Gem Tree with Coins in the east and the Golden Ru Yi Scepter with Dragon Phoenix Image in the north with 2 envelops to stabilize your relationship with your partner. Single Rabbit people have chance to know new friends; however, the love luck oscillate. Single Rabbit people who want to meet a potential love one and sustain the relationship can place Mix Gem Tree with Coins in the east and Feng Shui Amulet in the northeast. For those who are always short of love luck, they can also hide a green Jade Ram in the southwest corner of their bedroom to foster their love luck. In one hand, the Ram is compatible with Zodiac Rabbit, and hence the wood energy of zodiac Rabbit can be developed; in the other hand, the southwest region is original palace of zodiac Ram, green jade can produce the required element of love star for zodiac Rabbit. Emotional setback, quarrels and the third party become vexations for married or attached couples. To avoid arguments and disagreements, Rabbit people can hang the red color Buddha Charm in the north to create an atmosphere of harmony and happiness (This arrangement will also prevent you from troublemakers in social life). Patience and tolerance are the keys to maintain healthy relationship for married or attached couple. To suppress the evil stars from causing the sexual scandals and extramarital affairs, Rabbit people and their partner can wear Jade Talisman Love Pendant or Jade Dog Pendents.

Red Carnelian Gem Tree with Coins Golden Ru Yi Scepter with Dragon Phoenix Image Mix Gem Tree with Coins

Suggestions for Health

The arrivals of several ominous stars in the health palace of Tiger's horoscope indicate some sudden changes in health. Beware of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and some ailments in the joints of hands and figures. Jianfeng (sword and blade) and Fushi(corpse) stars will ruin not only your emotion( it may cause insomnia), but also your physical health. Place the 6 Metal Emperor Smooth Coins in the south and hang the Victory Banner Wind Chime in the east to dissolve the menacing chi and prevent diseases from overstress. Rabbit people should also watch out for the health situation of the elders in the family, for Fushi (corpse) star will bring about sudden changes in health. To tie three natural gourds to the elders' bed is suggested. Pay special attention to Lunar February and August, for the energy of Taisui will peak in these two months. Make a healthy diet and don't attend risky games. Those who engage in some occupations associated with the operation of sharpen tools or machines should be aware of metal injuries particularly for the presence of the itimidating star Jianfeng (sword and blade). Carrying a Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant Charm is helpful to restrain the metal element form the threatening stars. Going to donate the blood or doing teeth wash is a good idea to ease this bloodshed.

6 Metal Emperor Smooth Coins Victory Banner Wind Chime Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant Charm

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