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2011 Chinese Horoscope Ox

Zodiac Ox Overall

There are no strong auspicious stars in Ox people's constellation; in other words, Ox people have to struggle for everything by their own effort. Furthermore there are four threatening stars Tiangou, Diaoke, Pitou(ominous mess) and Yuesha that would bring you troubles in different aspects and levels. You may have sudden setbacks in life or being startled for accidents. To activate your benefactor luck and enhance the general fortune, you can hang the HEAVEN AND EARTH AMULET in the southeast and the Crystal 8 Symbol in the northwest to trigger the promising stars One Whiter and Eight White. Since the unexpected changes will cause financial loss for extra cost, you can place the Golden Abacus with Golen Pen inside your drawer you usually used to help you adopt a better budget plan and promise you a smooth sail in future. For those who need to travel this year, Those who need to travel may encounter some changes or delay due to the conditions of traffic or weather, hence they can carry the Chundi Amulet to prevent themselves from un-called-for disasters in the journey. It is good to avoid visiting patient in the hospital or going to the funeral.

HEAVEN AND EARTH AMULET Crystal 8 Symbol Golden Abacus with Golen Pen

Suggestion for Career

Lacking in support from others, Ox people have to fight like an isolated force. Your mentor or your colleagues will not either be direct against you or be zealous to help you. Business people may have a hard time to compete with others, and maintain the trade with the old clients. To survive in the time of hardship and completion, business people can place Qi Lin Talisman in the northeast and the Earth Seal Amulet in the northwest to absorb the propitious chi from the current dominant lucky stars and improve your overall career luck. Even though frictions or disappointments occur in your work, it is not a right time to change your work - otherwise you may put yourself in a new quandary. In order to sustain the harmony and actualize your ambition in your work, those who work in the office should place Victory Banner in the northeast and the HEAVEN AND EARTH AMULET with yellow mystic knot in the southeast of their personal office to bless them with daily smoothness. They can also place the Golden Crab Holding Ruyi on their table, for the golden crab is capable of helping people to prevent pitfalls and backstabber, solving the competition for promotion and other office politics problems. For most Ox people, to carry on performing their personal duty is the best way to kill the tedious time, for their hard work would be hardly rewarded in this year. However, for those who have long term plans, they can spend the time to plow through the field of their interesting subjects and pave a smooth path for the future. To sharpen your mind and trigger your inspiration in the work, you can develop the chi of the education and creativity star Four Green by placing Aventurine Pyramid in the southwest and hanging the Bejeweled 8 Amulet in the northeast of your working room.

Qi Lin Talisman Earth Seal Amulet Keychain Victory Banner

Suggestions for Wealth

Short of external support, your diligence is the only way to find the favorable circumstances for your rewards. Besides, the wastage star Tiangou will bring you potential dangers of financial losses. You need to watch out for some sudden extra expenditure. When you are making any finical decision this year, to keep a prudent manner of your monetary plan and to act according to your ability is very important. The lapse of investment and the fraud would cause you unexpected cost, too. To place the Clear Quartz Pyramid in the northwest and Gold Bar in the southeast can maximize your prosperity luck, while to hang the Bluewater in Globe in the center is the authentic antidote to cure the accidental financial losses and against the deception. The positive changes in your wealth wise happen in Lunar April, July and August. Yuesha star will pose confusion and other difficulties in your investment, and with the presence of star Tiangou, your extra income luck is not stable. Hence, any risky speculation or investment is not recommended. It is safe and reliable to accumulate your wealth and foster your windfall by hanging the Hum Amulet in the north with two red envelopes to suppress the negative effect from the evil stars and regulate the instable income. If you are doing outdoor business or need to travel for your business, you can additionally activate the favorable star by carrying the golden Feng Shui Amulet with you to keep you away from threatening chi and help you to grasp the best opportunity ahead.

Gold Bar Bluewater in Globe Hum Amulet Keychain

Suggestions for Relationship

There is little surprise in your romance luck for the absence of love star. The roman luck is fading; therefore, singles barely have good chances to meet their suitable lovers. For singles who desire to meet their potential partner and sustain the happy relationship, they can place the Colorful Phoenix Statue in the west and Golden Mandarin Ducks in the northeast to bolster their low love energy. As one of the consequences caused by Yuesha star, those who want to tie their love knot may encounter some difficulties from female elders or superiors. Therefore, this Colorful Phoenix Statue has some special significance for enhancing the love luck of Ox people. The phoenix is recognized as the ultimate creature of noble Ying energy. In Ba Gua theory, phoenix represents fire element - Li gua, which is the joyous star Nine Purple. With the great similarity, the phoenix can fully develop the auspicious energy of star Nine Purple, and reward Ox people with a passionate love life and secure it against the force of disagreement. Ox people will feel somehow isolated and lonely and easily get into a blind alley because of the visit the star Guxu (star of loneness). It is good to open your mind and pour the problems to your friends. It may because of the mood of solitude, the emotional setbacks, quarrels and the third party become vexations for married or attached couples. To avoid arguments and disagreements, Ox people can place Red Buddha in the north and hang the blue Medicine Buddha Pendant in the center to create an atmosphere of harmony and happiness (This arrangement will also prevent you from troublemakers in social life). Patience and tolerance are the keys to maintain healthy relationship for married or attached couple. To suppress the evil stars from causing the sexual scandals and extramarital affairs, you can hide a brass Rooster inside the house and let it face the main door.

Phoenix Statue Golden Mandarin Ducks Red Buddha

Suggestions for Health:

The arrival of ill-omened stars Tiangou, Diaoke and Guxu will cause the unforeseen startles or injuries. Therefore, you will be susceptible to fatigue, stress, depression and the feeling of emotional volatility caused by Solitary Star (emotional distress) and Tiangou. Be forewarned that you should avoid attending the funeral and visiting the patient this year. To place the Blue Rhinoceros in the central part and hang the Red Scroll - Fu Sou in the north of the house is the best cure to combat the menacing stars and keep you away from bloodshed and mishaps. To prevent your family member from any accidents and illness, you can place the 6 I-chi Coins in the south and hang the 3 Chi Lin Mystic Knot Wind Chime in the east. Drivers should pay extra attention when they are driving, especially during the time period of Lunar February, April and June.

Red Scroll - Fu Sou 6 I-chi Coins 3 Chi Lin Mystic Knot Wind Chime

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