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Chinese Zodiac Ox 2010, Chinese Horoscope Ox 2010

Overall in 2010

After a gloomy year of oscillation and setbacks, Ox people will usher a bright sky of smooth fortune. Tianyi star, a powerful benefactor star, will help you to fully develop your intelligence and talent in the work and win the highly regard from your superiors/sponsors; therefore, your overall fortune will progress with steady steps. However, Bingfu star (the star of sickness) is bother to your health, and even cause you some money loss due to the illness. The year of Tiger brings not only opportunities but also very hard work that will exhaust your mind. You can stimulate the energy of Tianyi by placing the Bejeweled Pi Yao on your study/office table. Cooperated with the golden Wen Chang Education Amulet inside your drawer, you are able to borrow the supportive chi from this class one lucky star and achieve your potential. The meditation trinity Buddha is also the best cure for resolving anxiety in life and keeping you a reposeful mind. The arrival of star Moyue( new and strange move) in your constellation indicates the chance to be allocated to the other position (to take care of new program, job switching, etc), but another star Suisha(the ominous news from Taisui) will result in sudden setbacks, villain, troubles and entanglements in your work. In an optimistic view, it is actually a new breakthrough of yourself, and after a new adjustment, it is a promotion opportunity to you. You can display the Immediate Promotion in the east of your office and Immediate Winning in the west as the best remedy to smooth the difficulties in your transitional period and safeguard your sail to new shore.

Suggestions for Career

By the good blessing of Tianyi star, you have chance to stretch out and show your actual strength in the work; therefore, your work will leave your boss a very nice impression and make them to regard you highly. Your friends and colleagues will be accommodating to your needs. Nonetheless, in the year of 2010, your most effective career star Zuofu locates in the center of house, which it is recognized as "unworkable" star in terms of regular arrangement. In this case, to grasp the opportunity in the work and boost your promotional luck, you can place 7 Natural Citrine Crystal Balls on Star of David in the center and Amethyst Tree in the northwest to carve a path for your shinning future. Designed as the special tools to absorb the flowing energy around the house for the owner, 7 Natural Citrine Crystal Balls on Star of David have the power to construct positive man made magnetic field (secret practice). We particularly take yellow natural citrine (yellow natural citrine represents the earth element) with the significant number 7(number 7 represents early heaven fire element) to produce and activate the earth element of star Zuofu. Combined with the Star of David, these 7 Natural Citrine Crystal Balls together are strong enough to "rob" the flowing energy from the star and create great benefits for their owner. It is also good for assimilating the wealthy chi from star Zuofu. Office people can hide one Ru Yi inside their drawer to bless them with daily smoothness.

Suggestions for Wealth

Tianyi star may do you a favor to actualize the return for your diligent work; nevertheless, you still need to avoid risky speculation due to the low extra income luck. For businessmen who have plowed hard earth till today, it is the time to broaden your networking and harvest your return in the business. You can place one golden ingot in the west to ensure the incensement of regular income. You can also place the carnelian dragon turtle in the south to safeguard your wealth from lawsuit entanglements and other violent energy. For those who want to boost their windfall luck, they can place the golden Piyao in the southeast. Under the shield of the propitious stars, those who engage in business or sale services (insurance job, real estate manager, etc) will have good chances to accomplish some appreciable contracts. Do not be over-conceited by your victory and keep a sober estimate of the going situation. Placing the golden Three Wise Men in the east region of your office to appease the ill effects from villain stars and prevent your money from draining away.

Suggestions for Relationship

The romance star Hongluan is shinning upon your horoscope. It is time for single Ox people to find your significant others, and it is also the great time for the attached couples to get marry. To find the suitable partner and stabilize your love relationship, single Ox people can place the Golden Mandarin Ducks in the west of their living room and Dragon to enjoy romance. Female Ox people can also wear the Rose Quartz Bracelet with them to maximize the chances. Those who seeking for marry can hang the Rose Quartz Mandarin Duck Charm in the northwest to tie their love knot. Because of the rising benefactor luck, single Ox people can even seek help from their elders for their match. However, Guasu star will have you left for work or stayed less with your partner. As a result, Ox couples should beware that they may involve in a relationship of love triangle or extramarital affairs. To prevent the disturbance from the third party and create a harmonious mood in the family, couples can place the Rose Quartz Tree in the northwest and the Red Scroll - Ru Yi in the south of the house.

Suggestions for Health

Suggestion for Health: Ailments are very likely to happen due to the trespass of the sick star Bingfu, which lower your resistance. The fluctuation of health status may even cause your financial loss. Older Ox people should pay more attention to the health this year, and try to keep the little diseases at bay. Do more exercises and carry a healthy daily plan. Keep the physical check on time is important. Ox people may have arguments, lawsuits and isolated feelings for the affect of Guasu star. Hang the pagoda wind chime in the southwest and the golden medicine Buddha in the northeast to suppress health issues caused by ill stars. To avoid accidents, robbery and lawsuits, you can place the red pyramid in the south and the black Wulou in the southeast. Those who stay a lot in the office should carry the golden wulou keychain with them as the protection against ill chi. Elders can place Fu Shou Tao in their bedroom to create longevity chi.

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