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2009 Chinese Horoscope Ox

2009 Chinese horoscope Ox (Chinese astrology Ox) for Chinese zodiac Ox sign according to feng shui flying stars and Chinese zodiac symbol Ox.

Overall in 2009

It is the year of the Ox, which means Ox people are against God of the year Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui).As long as a Zodiac offends Tai Sui, this zodiac will encounter lots of hardships, which include instabilities in life, difficulties of finances, changes of work, long journeys, vicissitudes, changelings, and so on. Particularly in this year, very few favorable stars in your constellation, you have to strive all by yourself most of the time. Due to the effect of offending Taisui, you will stay in the pessimistic mood throughout the year. Especially in lunar December (around the beginning of western January in 2010 to the beginning of western February in 2010), the downbeat emotion will reach the peak. It is better for you to go out and relax yourself in that month. But, remember there are some differences in two OX groups because there require different element in life. For those who were born between March 6th to August 8th, north and west region are better choices for travelling; for those who were born in the rest of the year, east and south region are their best choices. Make sure you are on the right track. Wearing the Gold Thousand Hand Buddha Pendant is the best cure to prevent mishaps from being falling on you. Thousand Hand Buddha is recognized as one of the most merciful Buddha that are infinitely resourceful, for any prayers that are supplicating with wholeheartedness, she is very willing to help them out of trouble and giving them the directions in life.

Suggestions for Career

Due to the instability and tortuosity in the work (for examples, switches of jobs, work transfer, etc), some setbacks, pressures, troubles, twists and turns are unavoidable. However, changes also suggest new opportunities to you. Tangfu and Suijia stars will do you a favor in bringing some financial and fame occasions, Tangfu star is good for power control; Suijia star is good for bringing you appreciations of others and putting you in an important position. Nonetheless, the presence of menacing stars Jianfeng (sword and blade) and Posui (destroy) will ruin most of your turns. Be sure to avoid going ahead without considering the consequences; make a plan before you put your thoughts into practice, otherwise it will result in losses of fame and finance. Placing the golden Ling Tzi Ru Yi in the southwest and the golden Good Fortune Fan in the northwest to dissolve the ominous chi from bad stars and enable you to fully grasp the good opportunities in your career. Ling Tzi is a legendary omnipotent medicine that is able to cure any problems (not only to cure illness but also social pitfalls, mishaps that people may encounter). Ru Yi signifies the propitious power that can smoothen your luck, it is why Ru Yi has a well-known meaning of doing everything well. For Those zodiacs that have conflicts with Taisui this year, Ling Tzi Ru Yi is highly recommended. In order to overcome the obstacles ahead and smooth the career path, Ox people who have official jobs need to place the golden Dragon Horse in the southwest and the golden Fortune Bat in the northwest to amplify the positive energy and realize your endeavor. Business people can place the Rose Pyramid in the northeast and Golden Double Fishes in the northwest to triumph over all the setbacks in the way and ensure a smooth ride to the prosperity. The Rose Pyramid and Golden Double Fishes combo are also responsible to regulate the downgrading of the relationship fortune and ask the help from your noble star. For those who doing creative work (for examples, arts, design, etc), Huagai star will help them to develop their talent. They can activate the inspiration star by placing the Crystal Pagoda in the south.

Suggestions for Wealth

There is some financial wastage in this year. Luckily, due to the visiting of Tangfu star and Suijia star, even though the financial state will be bad at first, it will be back to normal finally. You can place the He Qi Sheng Cai Red Buddha (concord and prosperity Buddha) in the southeast and the Large Red Agate Gem Tree in the center to usher joyful energy to well smoothen the wealth accumulation. If you are doing business, you need to pay extra attention when you are signing contract. The argument about document work will cause financial losses. Hanging the Red Scroll Gong Hei Fa Choi in the northeast and placing the Blue Rhino in the east is the best way to ward off the violent chi and prevent your losses from legal entanglement and pitfalls. Because of the help from the potential benefactor, those who were between march 6th to August 8th will enjoy a relatively easy year in finance. However, for most of the Ox people, the speculative luck fluctuates throughout the year. It is better for you to adopt a conservative monetary plan and never risk. To keep a Red Pi Yao on your table can decrease the financial accidents and derive the wealthy luck from all over. You would also benefit some windfall luck from this lucky heavenly creature.

Suggestions for Relationship

There are no serious menacing stars invading your relationship palace; nevertheless, the unstable emotion will make you offend others unconsciously and cause you some relationship troubles. Lucky star Huagai is good for the work of creation, but it is producing the inexplicable feeling of loneness simultaneously, and Huangfan star will make you easily isolated and feel depressed. To harmonize your working environment and prevent you from troublemakers in the office, place the Golden Double Fishes in the northwest and the Red Meditation Sitting Buddha in the northeast. In the year of Tai Sui, Ox people will experience some big changes in affection. In some cases, positive changes (for instances, get marry, delivery) may happen; in some cases, the negative changes (like split up) may happen. Romance luck for singles is so-so, attached couples have the tendency to go to extremeness. Communication is very important for resolving problems with each other. Don't let a little dispute break a great relationship. Placing the Golden Mandarin Ducks on Heart in the northwest of the bedroom and hang the red color Dragon and Phoenix Charm in the center can bolster their love luck and meet the potential partner. Couples can prevent the disturbance from the third party and stabilize the love luck by placing Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks in the center and the Red Pyramid in the northeast. For those OX people who were born in 1985, they should be overcautious about their love relationship because their love life is prone to go to the extreme (either get marry or split up). Female Ox people who were born in 1985 tend to get marry, but male Ox people who were born in this year have a tendency to end this love relationship. And the most serious affection changes happen in those Ox people were born in 1973, the disconsolate and stressful emotion always come to you. It is better to ease yourself and do something to relieve exhausted emotion. Doing a study in an easy subject that you are interested in is a good distraction that you may consider.

Suggestions for Health

Rushing about on errands and life will cause Ox people plenty of stress and depression. Besides, due to offending Tai sui, diseases and accidental injuries are higher tendency to happen. Ox people are also susceptible to digestive disease, particularly in lunar June (around the beginning of western July to the beginning of western August), September (around the beginning of western October to the beginning of western November) and December (around the beginning of western January in 2010 to the beginning of western February in 2010). Hang a Silver Six Rod Element Balance wind Chime in the north and two Natural Gourds in the west with a Feng Shui Bell to dissolve the menacing chi and prevent ailments from overstress. Make a healthy diet and don't attend any dangerous games. Those who engage in some occupations associated with the operation of sharpen tools or machines should be aware of metal injuries because the presence of the intimidating star Jianfeng (sword and blade). Carrying a blue Rhino pendant is recommended. Going to donate the blood or doing teeth wash is a good idea to ease this bloodshed. Drivers can hang a Crystal kuan Yin Charm inside your car to safeguard the journey.

According to most needful elements that you need and the most important aspects currently that you should take care of, our Feng Shui Masters have given the following feng shui items in best conjunction with different birth years and genders after a discreet consideration and calculations. For instance, the year 1960 is Gen Zi, Gen is the heavenly branch and Zi is the earthly branch, most people would simply decide their year element just by the heavenly branch Gen, which represents the Yang Metal element (positive metal). However, it is not simple like that. Based on the Nan Yi system (another famous element system that always take into account of fortune telling), the Gen Zi year belongs to Earth Element. And according to the flying star calculation system in Feng Shui practice, the female who were born in 1960 belongs to earth element (Star Two Black), and the male who were born in 1960 belong to wood element (Star Four Green). Since it is a year of hard work for these people, first of all, we need to ensure them have a healthy body and not being exhausted by the heavy workload and secondary comes the pursuit of wealth. Or else, your may spend on your hard-earned income on the medication fee, which is not worthy at all. For female, we choose Jade Kuan Yin Pendant as the cure and enhancer. In one hand, the auspicious blessing power of Kuan Yin can safeguard your general fortune journey and your health in particular; in the other hand, the jade has the intrinsic nature of combating ill chi and producing prosperity, and jade belongs to the earth element, which functions perfectly as the enhancer of female Rat's needful element. For male, we choose Obsidian 11 Eyes Bracelet as the cure and enhancer. First of all, the Obsidian stone has the power to assembling the propitious chi around and favor its owner to keep a concentrating mind, which is the cure for the male Rat's distraction this year; second, the number 1 and black color both represents water element in feng shui. According to the Five Element Theory, water produces wood, which is the needful element of male Rat. This is the main way that we get the solution and how we make the conjunction with different people within the same zodiac. Sure there are some other detailed and professional calculations before we make the final decision, what we show you is just one of the flowers in this garden, but over the scent, we are sure we could kindly realize how much beauty hidden inside, that is the purpose of Feng shui and we try our best to make the 2009 being one of the best years in your life! May the year of Ox bring you good luck!

For those Rat people who were born in 1936, wearing the Obsidian 11 Eyes Bracelet is recommended for male Rat people; wearing the Mala Jade Bracelet is recommended for female Rat people.

For those Ox people who were born in 1937, wearing the Jade Pi Yao Necklace is recommended for male Ox people; wearing the Jade Pi Yao Bracelet is recommended for female Ox people.

For those Ox people who were born in 1949, wearing the Jade Buddha Pendant is recommended for male Ox people; wearing the Jade Pi Yao Necklace is recommended for female Ox people.

For those Ox people who were born in 1961, carrying Jade Fish Necklace is recommended for male Ox people; carrying the Blue LiulLi Pi Yao Necklace is recommended for female Ox people.

For those Ox people who were born in 1973, wearing the Red Goldstone Pi Yao Bracelet is recommended for male Ox people; wearing Mala Jade Bracelet is recommended for female Ox people.

For those Ox people who were born in 1985, wearing the 6 Eyes DZI Necklace is recommended for the male Ox people; wearing the Mandarin Duck Bracelet is recommended for female Ox people.

For those Ox people who were born in 1997, wearing the 3 Eyes DZI Necklace is recommended for male Ox people; wearing the Blue Liuli Pi Yao Bracelet is recommended for female Ox people.

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