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Feng Shui Tips for Ox People

Overall in 2008

The auspicious Taiyang star is playing a main role in the fortune of Ox people this year. Taiyang star, which represents the sun and the strong positive energy, is one of the most powerful stars. Under the shield of Taiyang, Ox people get supports from the male or elder people. To strengthen the good fortune, Ox people can carry dragon fish necklace this year; dragon dish is known as a strong fengshui symbol that will help people unblock the obstacles in the way and offer great confidence to make a breakthrough at work.

Feng Shui Tips 1 for career

Ox people have lots of opportunities in work. In order to enlighten yourself to get great supports from your boss and raise your authority and power in the work, you can place Red rhinoceros in east and hang a green crystal in southeast to cooperate with lucky Star Guoyin (It means to receive power from higher authority) and Tianyi (It means intelligence).

Feng Shui Tips 2 for wealth

The regular income will stay steadily and grow in certain level. Ox people will receive ideal rewards if they can participate in some investment. Those whose jobs are relating to stocking will receive profits in certain level. However, even though the monetary status is good this year, Ox people have some financial losses due to the extra cost (especially like unexpected cost). Money comes and leaves. Placing a blue crystal in southwest and a golden carp fish in north will realize the propitious wealth fortune and safeguard against accidental financial lose for Ox people. Carrying a brass abacus is also an authentic solution to the fluctuating monetary luck. Windfall luck occurs sometimes, but big speculation is not expected. Placing a golden Piyao in southwest or carrying a jade Pi Yao bracelet is beneficial to extra income.

Feng Shui Tips 3 for relationship

Place a golden dragon turtle or multi-color dragon turtle in center will usher the lucky star for your relationship, especially for those who engage in occupations needed to cope with public relationship (like insurance, manager). Placing a red Safety charm (not wooden one) with a red fengshui turtle in west can counter the discords and avoid lawsuits and traffic accidents. Suihe star will really lighten your image in your colleagues' eyes and make your networking easier than before. Female ox people have help from male people, but only in work. The romance this year is so-so, not the year of romance. Huiqi star, which literally means bad luck for no reason, is in your way. Temper is triggered, emotion is down and wronged feelings always come to you. These influences will destruct the relationship of the lovers or couples at certain extent, so be aware of your temper and attitude with your mate. For married couples, place mandarin ducks in southeast is a remedy to dissolve the tension and create harmony. For singles that seeking love, hanging a clear crystal ball in center and place colorful dragon phoenix in southeast can activate the romance star that will smooth the love path ahead.

Feng Shui Tips 4 for health

The overall health condition is not bad, but emotional trouble is coming about. Portentous star Banan will bring you some unexpected misfortune. Pay special attention when you are driving or making outdoor traveling. Carrying a golden Kuan yin pendant with you all the time will protect you from harm and mishap; Lunar April, May and June are particular periods that Ox people need to watch out for digesting diseases. Hang a Feng Shui Bell in south and six coins with 6 Rods Wind Chimes in northwest drive away the killing chi from ill stars (Two black and Five yellow).

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