Feng Shui Tips for Ox People

Overall in 2007

Tangfu star is your lucky star this year, which is helpful for your career. Especially, if you are Ox people who are engaged in occupations like police, firefighter or technical work, it is a year of promotion. However, it is your only lucky star this year also. There are four other bad stars that would cause health and relationship problems around you. Ox people will be better off to avoid visiting patient or going to funeral. Wearing a jade bracelet or genuine green crystal bracelet is a good way to ward off the bad chi.

Suggestion 1 for Health

Ox people should pay attention to safety problem. Preparing for protection during outside sports or traveling, even in daily activities. Hang a red safety charm in northwest to resolve the accident problem caused by Baowei star. Because of the Sangmen star, the health of old Ox people will have some sudden changes. Hang six coins in northeast and metal Wulou in the center of the house. Hanging a red safety charm in the northwest can exhausted the chi of three green stars, which would cause unharmonious matters in the family, lawsuits accidents or gossips. Wearing Wulou or Kuanyin pendant is recommended.

Suggestion 2 for Career

Ox people are doing a good job in the work, but gossips or jealousy from others would bring you some troubles. To enhance the career fortune, you can place a jade tangerine plant in east and hang eight jade ingots in southwest to trigger the auspicious stars one Night Purple and Eight White, which will produce joyous events at work. To ward off the troubles of gossips, Ox people can also place a dragon turtle (any color but green) here to better your fortune of relationships.

Suggestion 3 for Wealth

The regular income is static, but some expected cost and accidents would come out of your year stars Yuesha and Feilian. To improve the wealth fortune, Ox people can put money frog in southeast. If you want to boost the windfall fortune, you could place Pi Yao in north.

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