Chinese Horoscope Monkey 2013

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Monkey in 2013:

Zodiac Monkey will be blessed with the nobleman stars Taiying (auspicious Ying energy) Guoying(great seal). With a significant meaning of imperial jade seal, Guoying star signifies the arrival of power and authority, in your constellation. While Taiyin star will gain you supports from female, which means you will attain appreciations and exaltations from nice female in the work. The general fortune will rise in Lunar January, February, April, November and December. Nonetheless, the presence of two ominous stars Gouchen (hook spirit), Guansuo (entanglement) and Goushen (hook) will result in sudden setbacks, villain, frauds, troubles and entanglements, and these complications will visualized either in relationship or finance. Carry the Wish Granting Tree Mirror with Jade Vase with you all the time to capture the good luck and stay away from the interference from threatening stars. Since your success would also bring about jealousy and misunderstanding, it is better for you to keep a low profile this year.

Suggestion for Career:

It is the year of advancement for Monkey people. Being endowed with auspicious power by Guoying star, Monkey people, especially those who have plowed the hard earth, will usher the period of breakthrough in their career. It is better to stay rather than switching your job this year. In business wise, it is beneficial for you to cooperate with a partner (especially female zodiac Rat and female zodiac Dragon) instead of striving along. The vantages are brought more by female benefactors this year. As your boss or your superior, they will value your performance with quite different eyes from before, and even promote you to a better position. Nonetheless, because of the trespass of Guansuo star and Gouchen star, disagreements, gossips, backstabber and cobwebs will occur. Holdbacks and pressure will slow your pace and ruin your effort in the work consequently. Beware of your comment on others for it may become the fuse of the blasting gossips or cause disputes. To overcome the obstructions and smooth your sail to the goal, you can tap the prosperous chi from favorable star by placing the Three Bars of Mantra Amulet in the north and the Ksitigarbha Fireball for Displaying in the northeast. In order not to miss the benefactor in life, you can hang the Anti Burglary Amulet in the west to energize the inspiration star and network star.

Suggestion for Wealth:

Financial wise, the mainstream income is stable; however, the windfall luck is weak. Therefore, it is wise to keep yourself away from gambling and other risky speculation and beware of signing official papers. Those whose main sale targets are female will have the increase of clients and thus enjoy better revenue. It is very beneficial for you to cooperate with female partners in business for they are your benefactors this year. In view of the fact that ominous stars Gouchen and Guansuo are likely to trap you into monetary entanglements or lawsuits, you should shelter your hard-earned income from being drained by accident and theft by hanging the Big Money Talisman in the east and the Jade Pagoda in the northeast. The raise of the investment luck period is in Lunar February, April, November and December (particularly in the field of sales and real estate). To uplift your financial fortune and advance your revenue, you can display the Green Tara Mirror with Tassel in the north to stimulate the promising star Youbi and future wealthy star One White.

Suggestion for Relationship:

The ascending yet instable love star indicates that the emergence of emotional promiscuity and side issues in your love life. Single can enhance the chances of finding their love one through the help of female friends. To activate your relationship star, singles can carry the Double Happiness with Phoenix Pendant and display one green jade Stone Dragon Turtle in the southeast. For those who are looking forward to get married, they can trigger the energy of joyous star Youbi by placing Bejeweled Phoenix in the south. Zodiac Monkey should also beware that the Gouchen (hook) star will cause troubles in relationship and lead you to sexual traps. Couples can display the Double Happiness Amulet in the south of the bedroom to enjoy a year of satisfaction and gratification. In order to eliminate the interference of third party Monkey people can also have the Metal Rooster placed inside the wardrobe facing out since there are chances of being embroiled into the extra marital affairs.

Suggestion for Health:

Pay attention to the health of the respiratory system and digestive system. Those who have been overloaded would have nervous trouble and find their memory get worse. Hang the Metal Wu Lou Wind Chime in the center and the Turtle in the southwest to prevent you from serious diseases and mishaps. To regulate the emotional problem and bring you an easeful mood in life, place the Red Mystic Knot Amulet in the east of your bedroom.

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