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2011 Chinese Horoscope Monkey

Zodiac Monkey Overall

The turbulence of last year was over; the noble stars would dispel the dark mist upon your constellation gradually and illuminate the path of fortune ahead. The beneficial star Yuede suggests a significant favor and kindness from high rank. Under the shield of another benefactor star Dijie, you will overcome the obstructions in life and achieve your goal finally. To activate the auspicious chi of your favorable stars and actualize your cherished dreams and pursuits, you can display the Double Metal Vajra with Stand in the northeast and hide the Golden Abacus with Golen Pen inside the drawer that you usually use. The vajra is a noble ritual object, which symbolizes both thunderbolt and diamond. The double Metal Vajra emblems firmness of spirit; and it is embodied in the form of a metal weapon that is capable of defeating any evil force. For the gradual bright sky of your horoscope is also interspersed with disastrous stars - Sick stars Sifu will bring ailments to you and even your family (particularly males), while Jiesha and Xiaohao will bother you with unexpected expenditure and accidental loss. To sail through the shelves and reach the land of success, you need to safeguard the ride with the blessing lights of the benefactor stars. Monkey people can place Monkey on Elephant on the southeast region. Representing the money absorber and fame enhancer, Monkey on Elephant is recognized as a loyal benefactor creature for zodiac monkey to trigger the supportive star.

Double Metal Vajra with Stand Golden Abacus with Golen Pen Monkey on Elephant

Suggestions for Career

Affected by the action star and Taisui, Monkey people had the time of instability last year and want to have a stable life in the year of Rabbit. However, the workload this year is heavy. For people whose money sources are flexible (for example, business or salesman), their income may raise as they work harder and more; for people whose money sources are steady (for example, stable salary every month), their situation is a bit harder. Fortunately, under the shield of propitious stars Yuede, the mentors would understand the difficulties that Monkey people may encounter in the work, and zodiac monkey may have a raise in recognition and reputation due to their diligent effort. More chances are given to them from the higher rank; promotional opportunities are also coming into your view. Your colleagues are also willing to fight the obstructions with you for the project. It is advantageous for Monkey people to hang the Heaven Seal Amulet in the west and the Earth Seal Amulet in the northwest. To guard against disputes or gossips in work, you can place Red Om Mani Amulet with two red envelopes in the north. Those who have plowed the hard earth and sought for a bigger ambition, they can place the Clear Quartz Wand in the northwest and the Amethyst Wand in the west to trigger the star of joy and foster their promotional luck. Monkey people can tap the inspiration chi from the creativity star by Om Mani Padme Hum with Evil Eyes Amulet in the southwest. Business people will obtain supports from the big benefactors, and therefore has good turnover. Nevertheless, the Jiesha star may cause you robbery and theft issues when you are travelling for business or touring, and thus it directly affect the benefit of the company or department that you work for( your ID or purse may lost for this reason). Therefore, Monkey people need to hand the Red Dragon Amulet With Red Jewel in the north and the Blue Rhino Charm in the center to deflect the evil energy of violent and accident stars.

Heaven Seal Amulet Keychain Earth Seal Amulet Keychain Red Om Mani Amulet

Suggestions for Wealth

For those who have flexible income (for example, business men), their financial luck would enhance as their workloads increase. Besides, the benefactor star is favorable for those who earn their profit through network. If you embark on career related to sales, insurance, finance, or business, the fortuitous star Yuede will invite you benefactors to facilitate your accumulations of wealth. Sadly, the intrusion of Xiaohao star will cause you some unforeseen financial losses. Making a donation to philanthropies or buy something that you have planned for a long time can minimize your unexpected cost. Beware of the belongings when you are out travelling. To smooth away the difficulties and harvest the year of opulence, you can display the Jade Ingot in the northwest and and Victory Banner with Evil Eye in the northeast to usher the wealth star into your house and grant your wishes in the acquisition of prosperity to come true. To adopt a detailed monetary plan is necessary and helpful. Since the windfall luck is weak as well, for those who prefer to do speculation or go on gamble, it is hard for them to make the ends meet. Hanging the Red Scroll - Nian Nian You Yu in the south and the Bluewater in Globe in the southeast will shelter your hard-earned income from being drained by accident and theft. You can also display golden Bejeweled 8 Amulet together with the Bluewater in Globe Keychain to reinforce your extra income luck. Office people can hide the Jade Ru Yi inside their drawer to bless them with daily smoothness.

Victory Banner with Evil Eye Bluewater in Globe Keychain Bejeweled 8 Amulet Key Chain

Suggestions for Relationship

The lack of roman fortune may result in the insipid love life. For those who want to meet their potential partners, they can borrow the energy by the supportive stars and ask their elders or friends for help. The couples may enjoy a relatively harmonious life for the departure of the ominous stars in their love constellation. Singles can place the Black Stone Dragon Turtle in the northeast and Rose Quartz Tree in the west to stir the flame of their personal love element and energize them with love attraction. For those who want to fructify their courtship or look forward to marry their sweethearts, they can further carry the Jade Dragon charm with them to enhance their personal romance energy. Couples can display rose quartz mandarin ducks by their bed and hang the Red Scroll - Ru Yi in the west of the bedroom to enjoy a year of satisfaction and gratification. The placement of three red envelops in the north is enough to combat the quarrelsome energy.

Stone Dragon Turtle Rose Quartz Tree Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks

Suggestions for Health

Being haunted by the Sifu star (the death charm), Monkey people are vulnerable to ailments or other calamities. Mind losing, out of concentration, anxiety and depression will happen to you due to the evil energy of menacing star. The year of Rabbit may also witness some healthy problems occurring to your family members, especially male members. The 6 Metal Emperor Smooth Coins in the south can break the ill-developed sick energy of overstress and bring you an easeful mood in life, while hanging the golden Metal Wu Lou Wind Chime in the east is the authentic remedy to prevent you from serious diseases and mishaps. You can also shield the elders in your family from complaints by tying three natural gourds by the older people's bed. The placement of three natural gourds is beneficial for those who have a prolonged sickness particularly. Elder people should also place the God of Longevity - Sou in their room.

6 Metal Emperor Smooth Coins Metal Wu Lou Wind Chime Feng Shui Calabash Gourds

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