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Feng Shui Tips for Monkey People

Overall in 2008

The fortune of Monkey people will have an ill turn this year due to the arrival of polecats in your horoscope, and two snobbery stars White tiger and Zhibei will aggravate this situation. You will experience some hard time for gossips. Obstructions will be embroiled in your work. Only little rewards can be gained even though you strive very hard. What is more, you will be in a stressful mood due to depreciation from others. Tough as your overall luck, you (especially for whom are pursuing their study or education, engaging a creative career)still have a lucky Wenchang star. It is very favorable for them to stimulate this lucky star by placing a crystal pagoda in northeast.

Feng Shui Tips 1 for career

Your nice impression will be changed at all in the minds of your previous helpful people (such as your boss, benefactors) due to the cheap shots behind you. Besides the two unlucky stars we mention before, Monkey people also suffer pressure and pitfalls coming from another troublemaking star Feilian. Concentrate in your work and be careful, moreover, watch out for the calumniators. Carrying a Golden kuan yin pendant with you is an authentic cure to improve the general career fortune. Kuanyin is the best trouble solving Buddha who will favor you to overcome the difficulties in the way. Place a red color Pi yao in east and a green dragon turtle in southeast to attain benefactors and smoothen your career path. Hide a plum coin inside your drawer to prevent those slander and defamation from success.

Feng Shui Tips 2 for wealth

If your occupation is associated with art or creation, you will have some increase in wealth due to the Wenchang star. But the monetary status is not that good for the general Monkey people. Your hard work may receive only little rewards, the surrounding gossips or slanders will result in an unfruitful effort. Star White tiger will kick the helpful people away and bring about financial entanglement in business. Windfall luck is affected by White Tiger as well, therefore avoid speculative investment or gamble and wear a jade money frog necklace to safeguard your wealth from draining away. Businessman can hang the golden feng shui abacus by your beside. To improve the regular income status and ensure the smooth accumulation of wealth, place three golden harmonious Gods in the north and eight jade ingots in the east. Hang a blue crystal in the southwest to regulate the extra income fortune.

Feng Shui Tips 3 for relationship

There is no specific romance star in your constellation. However, the compatibility of Taisui indicates the future happy fate, which means that you have potential chance to meet your suitable partner. To enhance the romance fortune and invite a new love into your life, singles can place green jasper Mandarin ducks in southeast and golden Mandarin Ducks in the center. Married couple and family will enjoy a harmonious life in most of the time. Place the rose quartz mandarin ducks in southeast and a multi-color dragon turtle in the center to usher a connubial bliss and joyful life.

Feng Shui Tips 4 for health

Health will be declined because of the killing chi from star White tiger and Dasha. Mid-aged women are more susceptible to get sick, take physical exam and always keep an eye on the potential disease. Hang a wind chime (gold or silver) in south and a golden longevity dragon turtle with six coins in the northwest to remove the earth energy of ill star and prevent you from frequent epidemic ailments. You also have some un-called-for disasters for the presence of Dasha star in your life. Beware of outdoor activities, work, sports and driving. Place a red laughing Buddha or Red Feng Shui Rhinoceros in west to exhaust chi of threaten star. It is also an reliable cure to solve the troubles of lawsuits, gossips and traffic accidents. Don't stay in the northwest region for too long as well.

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