Feng Shui Tips for Monkey People

Overall in 2007

The fortunate stars Tiande and Fuxing will bring some powerful, helpful people to do Monkey people a favor. Bazuo star, which represents a raise at work and rank, would stay with Monkey people. Even for students, their grades would have an improvement this year. It is the year for Monkey people to display their initiative and creativity. Nevertheless, zodiac Monkey will be hurt by Taisui star (the God of the year). Some obstructions are in the way especially in the respect of relationship.

Suggestion 1 for Career

Monkey people are encouraged to bring their aptitude into play, but the menacing star Jiaosha would cause some jealousy and gossip around you. To boost the career fortune, monkey people can place crystal pagoda in southeast and Ru Yi in northwest to activate the auspicious Chi of relationship star One White (which can bring people great favors) and ward off the ominous chi of relationship star Three Jade (which can bring people unharmonious affair and gossips and vilifications). To trigger the propitious Chi of career, Monkey people can hang eight jade ingots in southwest to enhance the Chi of Career star.

Suggestion 2 for Wealth

The regular income fortune is static; however, some unexpected cost and monetary accidents would come out of year star Jiesha. There may be also some financial losses from theft, robbers, failures of investment and even relationships. Hang a purple crystal in east and red wood good luck charm in southwest to bring propitious wealth luck; placing red safety shoes in northwest is a remedy for financial accidents and protections from threatening star.

Suggestion 3 for Health

Due to the effects of Taisui, some emotional problems would happen; it is good to release the mind and keep in a happy mood. If the health situation is not so good, some Monkey people should watch out for epidemic disease. Monkey people also need to pay attention to the ill star Pima (which would bring sudden changes of health to elders). Hanging six coins in the center and one wind chime in northeast are cures of intimidating ill stars in the family. If there is any door of the house belonging to the northeast region, place a pair of brone Pi yao instead of wind chimes. Wearing longevity Jade pendant is recommended to elders.

Suggestion 4 for Relationship There is no star of romance for Monkey people this year; however, the Chi of romance is brisk in Sanhe (the friendly aspects) of zodiac Monkey. Lovers would have some little frictions. Hanging one rose crystal in southeast and placing crystal flower in east can activate this auspicious Chi in the house and keep the romance relationship going in harmony.

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