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Chinese Horoscope Horse 2013

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Horse in 2013:

Energized by the propitious star Taiyang (sun), the general fortune of Zodiac Horse is elevated. As one of the most powerful constructive stars, Taiyang symbolizes the sun and infinite strong positive energy. Taiyang star also indicates great benefactor luck for the Horse people; it means Horse people will be blessed by the male or elder powerful people (for instance, a high rank male authority). However, the presences of four other villainous stars also indicate emotional disturbance, theft, accidental injuries and losses. The arrival of Tiankong (sky), a neutral star of enlightenment and creativity, will enhance your understanding of spiritual life and help you to discover your inner value, albeit also bringing you some unrealistic thoughts. Since Horse people are susceptible to trouble and pitfall for the trespass of Huiqi (bad luck) star, they could place the 3 Legged Bird for Success - Bright Sun in the northwest to activate your lucky star and safeguard your sail to the success.

Suggestion for Career:

With the illumination of the lucky star Taiyang in your constellation, you will receive the benefactor's help in the work, especially from male. Even though there are other two evil stars may bring obstacles in the way, the powerful Taiyang star will help you to achieve your goal. Horse people are easy to obtain appreciation and support from their male mentors. When you are proceeding to some important programs, you had better try to cooperate with male partner and consider more about their advice. Nonetheless, side issues or sudden setbacks may rise due to being overconfident. To actualize this flourishing career luck and avoid the disturbance from bad stars, placing the Red Crystal Globe with Omani in the south and Citrine Tree in the northeast of their office/bedroom is the very efficacious approach. To achieve your more ambitious success and invest for a shining future, you can display the Wish Granting Tree with Charm in the north to go all the way up to the top. For those who get stuck in the work for lack of creative idea, they can hang the Golden Ammonite Snail Shell Amulet in the southeast of their office to trigger the inspiration star Wenqu.

Suggestion for Wealth:

Even though the general financial luck is good, Lunar February, March and May is the best time period of wealth luck, while the Lunar January, April, June, July, August and October is the time that the income luck is not stable and the avenue has to be hard earned, which means the more you work, the more reward you have. The speculation luck will be low in those months, risky investment and gambling should be avoided. Horse people who engage in business will especially enjoy their collaboration with male partners. If the job is associated with relationship work (for examples, salesman, insurance, real estate agent, lawyer, etc.), or your sale targets are mainly about male clients, the reward of your work will increase accordingly. Those who seek for business expansion abroad or in distant location will find good opportunity to actualize their plan. To ensure a year of harvest and usher tremendous income, you can place the 6-Heaven Gold Coin Dragon Amulet in the northwest and hang the Amethyst Tree in the northeast to actualize all your wishes about wealth. As an addition to accumulate the wealth and amplify their profits, business people can carry/hang the 8 Auspicious Symbols w/ HRIH Seed Syllable Pendant in the northwest to safeguard your money from draining away. Even though male benefactor may bring you some extra income luck, Horse people still need to beware of lawsuits, disputes and disharmony for the disturbance from ominous stars Jiesha(disaster), Huiqi(unfavorable chi) and Guchen(solitude). To regulate the unstable windfall luck and against the robbery, Horse people can hang the Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant Charm in the west of their house.

Suggestion for Relationship:

The visiting of Tianxi (heavenly happiness) suggests the coming of joyous events in life, such as getting married, having baby, initiating a new relationship or even promotion. As a great networking star, Tianxi would also lighten your image in your social life and make your social life easier than before. Blessed by the positive chi of Taiyang star, female Horse people will enjoy a better love luck than male Horse people and become more attractive than usual. The other two romance stars Taohua (peach blossom) and Xianchi (salty pool) will also high light your love life. Nonetheless, they also bring emotion entanglement. As a result, third party and bad romance likely to appear. Singles can hang Flower of Romance Amulet in the north and place Double Happiness Amulet with Mystic Knot in the south of their bedroom to cultivate the romance energy of auspicious star. Couples should have a better self-control and not to give in to temptation because they are prone to relationship entanglement this year for the romance luck, which is easy to cause troubles and torments. To prevent the disturbance from the third party and enjoy a life of bliss and happiness, couples could hang the Frame Picture with Ru Yi Scepter in the east of their bedroom. Consideration and understanding are the keys to well communicate with each other. Carrying a Protection from Third Party Interference Talisman with you all the time is recommended for it not only wards off the bad romance but also improves your personal energy.

Suggestion for Health:

The only star that stays in your health house is Huiqi star (unfavorable chi), which causes you some ailments and oscillates your emotion. Consequently, concentration and upbeat spirit of you is required. Place two natural Feng Shui Yin Yang Wu Lou in the southwest and hang the 3 Chi Lin Mystic Knot Wind Chime in the center to prevent ailments from overstress and bring you an easeful mood in work. To combat the violent energy of Seven Red, hang the hang the Evil Eye Protection Charm in the west and Cosmic Tortoise Amulet in the east to exhaust the ill-developed chi of violent star.

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