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Chinese Horoscope Horse 2012

Overall for Zodiac Horse in 2012:

With equally strong of both ominous and auspicious stars in the horoscope, Horse people will have to face a lot of challenges this year. The lucky star Bazuo (eight seats) and Tianjin (heavenly support) will increase your social status level and unexpected likelihood of success due to benefactors from time to time. However, you should also beware the portents and make provision for the various attacks from four ominous stars Sangmen(funeral), Feilian (flying dagger), Fuchen(instability) and Xueren(bloodshed ). These menacing stars will pose great difficulties and bring about side issues on the course; Horse people must always have a second plan to adjust the sudden changes. To remove the obstacles in the way and fructify your hard work, you can you can carry the Victory Banner Amulet to usher the auspicious energy of your favorable benefactor star and boost up your general fortune.

Victory Banner Amulet

Suggestion for Career:

Sustaining by the Bazuo star, Horse people will have better promotional luck than others. Under the shine of Bazuo, your fame, work position and social status are likely to rise. However, your success make you stand out of the others, but it also bring you disputes and gossips in the dark, and these negative factors may even affect your outcome of your hard work. The presence of Fuchen star will bring some setback in the way. Backstabber and vicious competition occurs in the work meanwhile. To triumph over all the impediments in the way and ward off the scandals and gossips in the work, Horse people should place the golden TAM Syllable with Tara Mantra in the center and the Wealth and Power Talisman in the south. Business people should also display the Red Coral Tuesday Talisman in the northeast and the Red Jewel Sunday Talisman in the west to maximize the source of revenue. Those whose work related to creativity and art, they can place the Green Gem Wednesday Talisman in the east to enlighten their intelligence and inspiration in career. Since the changes may occur to life, office people can display the Staff of Ksitigarbha on their table to bless them with daily smoothness.

TAM Syllable with Tara Mantra Wealth and Power Talisman Staff of Ksitigarbha

Suggestion for Wealth:

Without powerful wealth star in your constellation, the overall wealth fortune is mediocre. Since the overall fortune is full of unpredictable changes, it is wise to adopt a backup monetary plan. Lunar April, Lunar July, Lunar August and Lunar November is the hard period to accumulate your wealth. The money comes and goes, yet never stays. However, windfall luck occurs sometimes this year. And the Lunar February and Lunar December is the best time to better your finance and save money. The arrangement with the Red Om Mani Amulet in the southwest is the authentic antidote to cure the accidental financial losses and against the deception. It is also favorable to avoid lawsuits. To improve your income status and enjoy a prosperous success, you can display Amethyst Pyramid in the northeast to boost the wealth fortune. Since the windfall luck occurs, you can carry Victory in Gambling Talisman Pendant with you all the time as an extra income luck enhancer.

Red Om Mani Amulet Amethyst Pyramid Victory in Gambling Talisman Pendant

Suggestion for Relationship:

Affected by Fuchen (instability) star, the relationship aspect is fruitless this year. Singles may start a relationship that is not ideal for them. Besides, Fuchen stars are prone to embroil people into some emotional entanglements. Under such an influence, most of these romance chances are just mirage, one night stay even fraud. In order to eliminate the ominous energy and foster their love luck, singles can place the Venus Friday Sexy Love Talisman in the south of their bedroom to trigger the chi from auspicious love star. To suppress the evil stars from causing the extramarital affairs and enjoy a blissful love life, couples could place the Red Bhrum Syllable in the southwest. For those who work a lot in the office, they can also carry Protection from Third Party Interference Talisman with them all the time.

Venus Friday Sexy Love Talisman Red Bhrum Syllable Protection from Third Party Interference Talisman

Suggestion for Health:

The heavy workload this year will exhaust your body and mind, and give you lots of pressure. Emotional depression and solitude will cause you distractions, insomnia and anxiety. Those who need to drive a lot or handle dangerous tools should be cautious, for their works require more concentration than others. Zaisha star (calamity) is the star that brings undeserved ill turn, while the other ominous stars (flying dagger), Fuchen (instability) and Xueren(bloodshed ) are likely to cause bloodshed, surgery, and other accident. Pay special attention to the safety of manipulating fire element related objects, for example, the electrical equipment in the house. To suppress the ill-developing energy of calamity stars, you can hang the Blue Rhino Amulet in the northwest of the bedroom. Hang the Medicine Buddha Script Amulet in the north to dissolve the menacing chi and prevent ailments from overstress. The visiting of Sangmen star will indicate the attendance at funeral or visiting patients, and it may bring about sudden changes to health of the elders or family member who has prolonged disease. To prevent the accidental changes from happening, you can carry the Longevity Amulet all the time.

Blue Rhino Amulet Medicine Buddha Script Amulet Longevity Amulet

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