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2011 Chinese Horoscope Horse

Zodiac Horse Overall

Surrounded by three propitious stars Taiyin(auspicious ying energy), Tianxi(heavenly happiness) and Yutang(genius), the general fortune of Horse people is going smoothly. The lucky star Taiyin will curb the development of these menacing stars to certain extent. As an auspicious star that represents the softness and negative power, Taiyin star will gain you supports from female. It means you will appreciations and exaltations from nice female in the work. Yutang star is favorable for enlightening the brilliance and developing the ability of zodiac horse. Nonetheless, the presence of three ominous stars Sanxing, Guansuo and Liuhai will result in sudden setbacks, villain, frauds, troubles and entanglements, and these complications will visualized either in relationship or finance. To hang the golden Fortune Bat with 5-Coin Talisman in the southeast and the Earth Seal Amulet in the northwest is the authentic way to enable you to capture the good luck and stay away from the interference from threatening stars. To enhance your productive opportunities and enjoy a year of harvest favorably, you can display the Heaven Seal Amulet in the west.

Fortune Bat with 5-Coin Talisman Earth Seal Amulet Keychain Heaven Seal Amulet Keychain

Suggestions for Career

It is the year of advancement for Horse people. The vantages are brought more by female benefactors this year. As your boss or your superior, they will value your performance with quite different eyes from before, and even promote you to a better position. Since another Tianxi star is good for network, if your occupation is associated with relationship work (for examples, salesman, insurance, real estate agent, lawyer, tour, etc), or your sale targets are mainly female clients, the reward of your work will increase accordingly. Nonetheless, because of the trespass of three ominous stars Sanxing, Guansuo and Goushen, disagreements, gossips, backstabber and cobwebs will appear. Consequently, holdbacks and pressure will slow your pace and ruin your effort in the work. Watch out for your comment, for it may become the fuse of the blasting gossips or cause disputes. To overcome the obstructions and smooth your sail to the goal, you can tap the prosperous chi from Taiyin star by placing the White Jade Pagoda in the northwest and the red Hum Amulet Keychain(with two Red Envelops together) in the north. In order not to miss the Yutang star, which will enhance your professional ability and creativity, you can hang the Art and Literature Amulet in the southeast and display Aventurine Pyramid in the southwest to energize the inspiration star and network star. Blessed by this propitious energy, Horse people can benefit from cooperating with zodiac Ram and zodiac Dog. To operate business all by your own can be too fatigued and disorder your plan. Even though the career luck is rising, the switch of new job, especially leaving your familiar occupation for another new one, is not suggested. The best time to actualize your plan is Lunar February, May and December.

Hum Amulet Keychain Art and Literature Amulet Aventurine Pyramid

Suggestions for Wealth

In terms of wealth, the mainstream income is stable; therefore, hard work will be rewarded. It does not affect those who are paid by steady salary; however, for those who engage in business or have occupation of instable income (especially when the sale targets are female clients), their reward will be proportional to the amount of their work. To uplift your financial fortune and advance your revenue, you should display the colorful Feng Shui Dragon Tortoises in the northwest and Golden Abacus with Golen Pen in the southeast to stimulate the emperor wealthy star Eight White and future wealthy star Six White. Office people can also display Golden Crab in the northeast region of their office, for this golden crab is commissioned to help you to prevent pitfalls and backstabber, solving the competition for promotion and other office politics problems. The best time of investment is in Lunar February and December. In view of the fact that Horse people are likely falling into financial crisis, they had better not involve themselves into the cases of lending or borrowing money. It is not very safe for Horse people to start being in a new partnership with someone, unless the partners belong to the zodiacs that we mention before. Do not take shortcut in making money, or you will fall into the trap of crooks. Unexpected expenditure will burn a hole in your pocket. To shelter your hard-earned income from being drained by accident and theft, you can place the Blue Rhino in the center and the red Standing Buddha in the north. The best time of investment is in Lunar February and December. Seeking for creative thoughts, Horse people can place Black Trinity Buddha in the southwest of your office to sharpen your mind and trigger your inspiration in the work.

Feng Shui Dragon Tortoises Golden Abacus with Golden Pen Golden Crab

Suggestions for Relationship

The lucky star Yutang will patronize you with a pleasant relationship in the work, and the arrival of Tianxi star in your constellation will suggest the coming of joyous events in your life. Tianxi star will also lighten your image in your social life and make your networking much easier than before. Even you just split up with your ex-partner; you are still very likely to initiate another relationship in the year of Rabbit. Comparatively, the male Horse people have better romance luck than female one, especially when the male Horse people are willing to consider the elder partner. Singles can place the Golden Ru Yi Scepter with Dragon Phoenix Image in the northeast and Large Aventurine Gem Tree in the west to stir the flame of your love stars and energize you with love attraction. For those who want to fructify their courtship or look forward to marry their sweethearts, they can also wear the Jade Love Pendent with them to enhance their personal romance energy (it is also a nice year for Horse people to get marry). Staying with the blissful Tianxi star, Ram mothers will have the best chances to be pregnant. However, the relationship entanglement or the chances of being embroiled into the extra marital affairs are likely to happen for the ascending yet instable love star. Couples can display Pi Yao Figurine in the west of their bedroom (facing out) and hang the Red Scroll - Wish Comes True in the north of the bedroom to enjoy a year of satisfaction and gratification. To alleviate the energy of violence and accident, they can hang the Bluewater in Globe Keychain in the center of the house. To ensure a safe and harmonious pregnancy, the expectant Horse female can wear Kuanyin Necklace; while couples can hide a golden Rooster with Fan and Ball Amulet inside the house and let it face the main door eliminate the interference of third party.

Golden Ru Yi Scepter with Dragon Phoenix Image Large Aventurine Gem Tree Pi Yao Figurine

Suggestions for Health

Pay attention to the health of the respiratory system, especially for those who need to talk a lot in their work. The golden Wu Lou Amulet in the south can break the ill - developed sick energy of overstress and bring you an easeful mood in life, while the Metal Wu Lou Wind Chime in the east and is the remedy to prevent you from serious diseases and mishaps. Elder people should also place the God of Longevity - Sou in their room. Since there is some misfortune would relate to driving, Horse people can carry the Jade Ram Pendent as a cure to keep themselves away from accident.

Wu Lou Amulet Metal Wu Lou Wind Chime God of Longevity - Sou

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