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Feng Shui Tips for Horse People

Overall in 2008

Horse people have a direct conflict with Tai sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) this year. The constellation of zodiac horse is in the south, which belongs to fire element. Fire is destructed by the water element, which is the base element of north, right at the position of Taisui Rat. Horse people suffer the worst luck in the year of Rat due to these double lashes. What is more, there is no lucky star that backs you up either. You will experience some changes like job switching, relationship clashing, business traveling, cash flowing, house moving, study transferring, long journey touring on the road. These changes of new environment bring you lots of instabilities, challenges, hindrances and setback. You have to face these troubles all by yourself. Contrary to these disappointments, if some joyous events happens (such as getting marry, giving birth), these kinds of happiness are also recognized as changes in horoscope, which will help you to block some ominous events. To wear a jade Kuan yin pendant with you is the most reliable cure to ward off the potential killing chi and regulate the overall fortune.

Feng Shui Tips 1 for career

Horse People have many unlucky stars in its constellation that darken their further sky of fortune. General career luck is intended to be downgrading. Obstacle star Langan will bring disconnections, resistances and afterclaps to you. You will make great efforts on something but in vain eventually, such frustration and sudden setbacks due to the star Suipo. Pay specific attention when you need to work out a document or contract, you will involve yourself into some legal entanglements due to convict star Qiuyu. Place a red color carrying money Buddha in east and a red agate gem tree in southeast to stimulate the propitious chi of Eight white star and Nine Purple star, which are the most auspicious stars in control of career and joyfulness aspect. The red color carry money Buddha is also a remedy to the fights between original wood element in the east and the earth element of locating lucky star Eight White, which ensure to fully develop the chi of Eight white (good chi). In view of the obstructions overstressing you, move your table towards to northeast direction if available and place a crystal pagoda in northeast to trigger inspirations and smoothen your work.

Feng Shui Tips 2 for wealth

It is a tough year of finance for Horse people. Money is very difficult to earn, great effort doesn't assure you of nice rewards. Sudden accidental affairs, failure of investment, theft or fraud are all possibilities to drift your money away due to the ruined star Dahao. Placing a pair of golden ingot in south can gratify Horse people a smooth transition in this year filled with turbulences. In order to diminish the destroying effect, you also need to place a golden dragon and a golden monkey together in the north region of your room. The compatibility of Rat, dragon and monkey will play a harmonious combo and really drive away the threaten chi of Taisui. For single Horse People, to prevent from lawsuits, gossips and the robbery threats, you can hang a red crystal in west and a blue rhinoceros in southwest. Such arrangement can deflect the bad energy.

Feng Shui Tips 3 for relationship

Romance luck will fluctuate; even very steady couples may have potential breakup problems. Married couples are susceptible to extra marital affairs. Communication well with each other and understanding are very important this year. To prevent the third party entanglement, placing a golden rooster facing the main door and green jasper mandarin ducks in southeast to foster the harmony of couples. Singles may have some chances, which are over in a twinkle. To invite your potential partner and stabilize your romance relationship, singles can place golden mandarin duck in the center and red double fish charm in southeast to energize the romance stars.

Feng Shui Tips 4 for health

Horse people are at the risk of ill health due to against Taisui directly and the other two ill stars. Tianku star will frustrate your mind and further weaken your body. Zaisha star is in control of undeserved ill turn, which implies the occurrence of injuries and bloodshed. Some accidental changes will happen too because of Zaisha, but it is not always that serious, such as your friends breaking their promises or your flight being canceled abruptly. However, you still need to prepare for the worst situation. Hang a six-rod wind chime in south and two calabash gourds in northwest to ward off illness and mishaps. People who have a prolonged disease can hang three calabashes by his bed; it will be very beneficial for the recover of the patient.

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