Chinese Horoscope Dragon 2013

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Dragon in 2013:
After the year of turbulence and changes, the zodiac Dragon enters the new period of life. Energized by the propitious star Tianxi (heavenly happiness); the general fortune of Dragon people is elevated. However, the presences of four other villainous stars also indicate emotional disturbance, theft, accidental injuries and losses. Since Dragon people are susceptible to trouble and pitfall, they could carry the Increasing Jewel Mantra and Tree of Life Amulet all the time to help them prevail over the obstructions and safeguard the sail to the success.

Increasing Jewel Mantra and Tree of Life Amulet

Suggestion for Career:
With Moyue (unfamiliarity) star in the constellation, the prospect of career is visualized as constant changes and opportunities (like switching job or starting business in a new environment). Fortunately, Tianxi star implies luck of change. This combination suggests that your changes in life might offer you the chance of discovering and developing your inner-value and talent. If you are able to seize the opportunity, you are very likely to make a breakthrough in certain field of your life. For those who want to start a business and seek for partners in the work, Zodiac Ram and Zodiac Dog are your benefactors to look for. You can display the Crystal Globe with Omani in the northeast of your office and the Amethyst Tree in the northwest as the best remedy to smooth the difficulties in your transitional period and safeguard your sail to new shore. In order to grasp the opportunity in the work and boost your promotional luck, you can display one Gold Bar in the northwest and the Heaven Luck Activator Amulet in the north to carve a path for your shinning future.

Suggestion for Wealth:
The trespass of the looming stars Suisha (yearly harm) suggests the wrong decision in the speculation or investment. It is wise to avoid investing or gambling heavily since you tend to make wrong decisions in this field. To appease the ill effects from villain stars and prevent your money from draining away, you can hang the Evil Eye Protection Charm in the west and display the 3 Legged Bird for Success - Radiant Sun in the northwest of your house. Tianxi star may do you a favor to actualize the return for your diligent work and open up new market; nevertheless, you need to pay attention to the financial changes due to the unstable monetary luck especially in the case of self-employment. To improve your income status and maximize the revenue, hang the Heaven Luck Activator Amulet in the northeast region of your office and place the Aventurine Tree in the south to appeal the help from the promising flying stars Zuofu and Youbi.

Suggestion for Relationship:
The visiting of Tianxi (heavenly happiness) suggests the coming of joyous events in life, such as getting married, having baby, initiating a new relationship or even promotion. As a great networking star, Tianxi would also lighten your image in your social life and make your social life easier than before. Blessed by the positive chi of Tianxi star, single female Dragon people will enjoy a better love luck than male Dragon people. Draping the glow of Tianxi, female Dragon people will become more attractive than usual, and there is easily some male partner or colleague appearing in their life. Nonetheless, for those who are in the love relationship might experience a different mood due to the effect of Guasu, the star of solitude. You will feel lonely and isolated, while your love one is apt to disagree with you, which discourages you even more. It is very beneficial to spend more time in communication in your love relationship this year. Singles can hang the Flower of Romance Amulet in the north and hang the Peace and Harmony Amulet in the south of their bedroom to cultivate the romance energy of auspicious star. Couples should have a better self-control and not to give in to temptation because they are prone to relationship entanglement this year for the romance luck, which is easy to cause troubles and torments. To prevent the disturbance from the third party and enjoy a life of bliss and happiness, couples could hang the Double Happiness Amulet in the east of their bedroom. Consideration and understanding are the keys to well communicate with each other. Carrying a Double Happiness with Phoenix Amulet with you all the time is recommended for it not only wards off the bad romance but also absorb the blissful energy from Tianxi star.

Suggestion for Health:
In the course of striving for your goal in the career, watch out for the sneak attack from Bingu (sickness) and Suisha (yearly harm), which mostly cause illnesses that relate to infection. It is wise to safeguard your health and adopt a healthy schedule and diet. Be aware of the ailments, particularly in Lunar May, June, July and September. Hang the 3 Chi Lin Wind Chime in the center and display the Ru Yi Wu Lou in the southwest to suppress health issues caused by ill stars. Those who stay a lot in the office should carry the Wu Lou Amulet with them as the protection against evil energy.

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