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Chinese Zodiac Dragon 2010, Chinese Horoscope Dragon 2010

Overall in 2010

The Dragon poeple will be blessed with the nobleman star Guoying. With a significant meaning of imperial jade seal, Guoyin star signifies the arrival of power and authority, in your constellation. For those who have certain leadership in the work, this auspicious star will highlight their talent. A lot of Dragon people are born to be a leader. Thus, by the help of Guoying, this year will be an excellent opportunity for them to develop their ability and endowment. . It is uncertain to say that Dragon people will be promoted this year; however, they have much better chances compared to other zodiacs. Besides the upbeat news, your performance will be affected by sudden setback, jealousy and disputes in the work for the trespass of menacing stars Baowui and Yuesha. The ill stars Sangmen and Tianku will break your emotion and bring about sudden changes in health. Beware of depression, cardiopathy and cerebral hyperemia. To remove the obstacles in the way and fructify your hard work, you can you can place 7 Natural Quartz on Star of David Crystal Base in the center to usher the auspicious energy of your favorable stars and boost up your general fortune. Designed as the special tools to absorb the flowing energy around the house for the owner, 7 Natural Quartz on Star of David Crystal Base have the power to construct positive man made magnetic field (secret practice). We particularly take natural gemstone that represents the earth element with the significant number 7(number 7 represents early heaven fire element) to produce and activate the earth element of star Zuofu. Combined with the Star of David, these 7 Natural gemstone are strong enough to "rob" the flowing energy from the star and create great benefits for their owner. It is also good for assimilating the wealthy chi from star Zuofu. Staying in the harmonious union with zodiac dragon, the monkey holding the imperial jade seal represents the benefactor of Dragon people. The golden elephant is recognized as "money absorber". Hence, this monkey on elephant is not just a loyal supporter but also great fame and wealth enhancer for Dragon people.

Suggestions for Career

Sustaining by the Guoyin star, Dragon people will have better promotional luck than others. Under the shine of Guoyin, your fame, work position and social status are likely to rise. Nonetheless, the blemish is - it is the only lucky you have in your horoscope. It makes all the seemingly positive possibilities weaker than it looks. To fully grasp the opportunity in the work and achieve your ambitious goal, you can place Good Fortune Fan in the west and the Citrine Tree in the east to stimulate the favorable chi and actualize your victor. The overloaded work may bring you more pressure and less rest, but because the attack from villain stars Baowei and Yuesha, the disagreements, jealousy and backstabber will appear. If your work requires contact with the customer, you may even have disputes with them. Be precautious anytime because the problems may be triggered at any moment. To triumph over all the impediments in the way and ward off the scandals and gossips in the work, Dragon people should place the Carps Jumping Over Dragon Gate Picture in the south. Business people should also display the Black Buddha in the southeast to against the sudden lawsuits and theft. Those whose work related to creativity and art, they can place the Crystal Pagoda in the north to enlighten their intelligence and inspiration in career. Office people can hide the golden Ru Yi inside their drawer to bless them with daily smoothness.

Suggestions for Wealth

The overall wealth fortune is so-so, but Guoyin star will promote your regular income luck as reward to your hard work. Lack of external support, business people have to strive all by themselves. Besides, the visiting of star Tiangou in your zodiac will bring you potential dangers of financial losses. If your main clients or partner are female, they may also bring you troubles or obstructions even in an unconscious way. The intimidating star Tianku and Baowei are present at the same time; hence, your prosperity luck may change inconstantly. Hanging the blue Guan Yin Charm in the southeast is the authentic antidote to cure the accidental financial losses and against the deception. It is favorable to avoid lawsuits. To improve your income status and maximize the revenue, you can display jade ingot in the center to boost the wealth fortune. Big speculation and gambling are inadvisable, for your extra income is not stable. If you need to make decisions for the investments or speculations frequently, place Wheel of Transmigration in the west to keep a keen mind and stay alertness. If you are doing outdoor business or need to travel for your business, you can additionally activate the favorable star by hanging the Golden Metal Frog Charm with you and place the green Aventurine Pyramid in the high place of northwest region ( for example, put it on the book shelve) to enjoy a prosperous success.

Suggestions for Relationship

There is little surprise in your romance luck for the absence of love star; thus, singles don't have good chances to meet a suitable lover. Due to the arrival of stars Baowei and Tianku, feelings of desolation occur to mind. Disharmonies also arise from depression and other emotional problems. For those who want to tie their love knot, Yuesha star may cause them some difficulties from female elders or superiors. Dragon couples will feel insipid and boring in their marital life, they are also likely to be complained by their spouses because they spend too much time in the work. Communication is very important for resolving problems with each other. In order to enlighten their images and invite the potential partner, singles can bolster their low love energy by placing the Golden Mandarin ducks in the east and one Rose Quartz Heart in the northwest. Couples can prevent the disturbance from the third party and stabilize the love luck by placing Crystal Lotus in the northwest and Red Scroll - Ru Yi in the south.

Suggestions for Health

The overall health status is ok. Nonetheless, they need to pay attention to the health problems of old people in the family. Sangmen star suggests your possibilities of attending funeral or the sick, it also indicates there are some fluctuations or sudden changes of health happening to the elder people in your house; hence you should pay specific attention if you have any older people at home. You can hang three natural gourds by the older people's bed to drive away the major sickness. The placement of three natural gourds is beneficial for those who have a prolonged sickness particularly. Keep themselves away from the southwest and the northeast region in the house. Baowei star will bring you some indispositions and depression. You will also feel hard to concentrate and make mistakes easily in your work, and you may have some little accidents when you are out travelling (for examples, package loss, traffic delay or accident, etc). Keep the golden Wu Lou Amulet in the southwest and Pagoda Bell in the northeast to remove ominous chi from ill stars Two Black and Five Yellow. You also can carry this Wu Lou Amulet especially when you have to attend funeral or visit the patients.

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