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2009 Chinese Horoscope Dragon

2009 Chinese horoscope Dragon (Chinese astrology Dragon) for Chinese zodiac Dragon sign according to feng shui flying stars and Chinese zodiac symbol Dragon.

Overall in 2009

The presence of three ominous stars Goushen, Guansuo and Suisha will result in sudden setbacks, villain, troubles and entanglements. Side issues or new problems crop up unexpectedly. Fortunately, the only lucky star Taiyin will curb the development of these menacing stars to certain extent. As an auspicious star that represents the softness and negative power, Taiyin star will gain you supports from female. It means you will appreciations and exaltation from nice female in the work. However, the tortures from Taisui (Grand Jupiter) will still ruin your plans, bring you anxiety and stress, which would distract you from the work and affect the progress of your career. Placing the Red Frame Chi Lin Picture in the southeast is authentic way to enable you to capture the good luck and stay away from the interference from Taisui. To enhance your productive opportunities and enjoy a year of harvest favorably, you can place the golden Ling Tzi Ru Yi in the northwest. Ling Tzi is a legendary omnipotent medicine that is able to cure any problems (not only to cure illness but also social pitfalls, mishaps that people may encounter). Ru Yi signifies the propitious power that can smoothen your luck, it is why Ru Yi has a well-known meaning of doing everything well. For Those zodiacs that have conflicts with Taisui this year, Ling Tzi Ru Yi is highly recommended.

Suggestions for Career

Due to the benefactor star Taiyin, people around you, particularly female people around you who play as superior role in your work (like your female boss), will begin to look at your endeavors with quite different eyes, and intent to raise you to a higher position. Nevertheless, villains, gossips, resistances and troublemakers who are jealous of your rises that result from torture of Taiui will drag your feet to the success. You will benefit from exercising your forbearance and being modest to others. To enable you prevail over all obstacles and actualize the best achievement in the work, Dragon people can place Citrine Pyramid in the southwest and the Natural Amethyst Geode (Please choose the size that is suitable to your house) in the center as an activator. The the Natural Amethyst Geode is commissioned to tap the future lucky star Youmi, which is the star would bring the family members joyous events (in career wise, like promotion, expansion of business and so on). Business people have chance to meet some female valued clients. It is also beneficial for them to cooperate with female partner because these benefactors can favor you to overcome the blocks in the way and reach your anticipated goal. Place the jade color Fuk luk Sau in the south and carry the Feng Shui Brass Abacus with you to ensure a rewarding year.

Suggestions for Wealth

From regular income perspective, there is little fluctuation. But you still need to work hard to get what you want. Extra cost indicates due to the visit of wastage star Goushen, which causes unforeseen cost and accidental loss. To make a strategic monetary plan in advance is helpful for you. In order to seize the year and maximize your return, you can place the Yellow Jade Ingot in the southwest and the red color Money Frog in the southeast. To be very careful if you are doing any speculation, the extra income luck is very low. Gambling is inadvisable. To prevent your hard-earned money from theft and robbery, you can hang the Blue Crystal in the east and the Red Rhino in the northeast.

Suggestions for Relationship

Even though single male Dragon people would work very harmoniously with female people, this relationship had no tendency to love. Single Dragon people have to stimulate their love energy by placing the Amethyst Pyramid in the center because there is very little love luck can be read in their constellation. Married couples are prone to be absent-minded. Bad temper and gloomy mood will happen to you from time to time, which would easily bring about resentment and arguments into daily life. If your partner happen to be a Dragon person, it is better to accommodate yourself and be attentive to him/her. In view of this emotional problem, to hang a red color Meditation Buddha Charm in the northeast to cure the disharmony is necessary. Place the red color Happy Kissing Couple in the center or the Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks besides their bed to ensure a conjugal bliss and pleasant family life.

Suggestions for Health

Dragon people are susceptible to accidents that would come in all of a sudden. These contingent injuries result from the evil stars Tiansha and Suisha. To concentrate your mind when you are working or doing any sports, especially when you are handling machines or driving vehicles. Carry the blue Rhino pendant with you to avoid disturbance of violent stars. Keep the north area calm and hang a Silver Six Rod Element Balance wind Chime in the north and place the Brass Wu Lou in the west to suppress the earth chi from intimidating stars.

According to most needful elements that you need and the most important aspects currently that you should take care of, our Feng Shui Masters have given the following feng shui items in best conjunction with different birth years and genders after a discreet consideration and calculations. For instance, the year 1960 is Gen Zi, Gen is the heavenly branch and Zi is the earthly branch, most people would simply decide their year element just by the heavenly branch Gen, which represents the Yang Metal element (positive metal). However, it is not simple like that. Based on the Nan Yi system (another famous element system that always take into account of fortune telling), the Gen Zi year belongs to Earth Element. And according to the flying star calculation system in Feng Shui practice, the female who were born in 1960 belongs to earth element (Star Two Black), and the male who were born in 1960 belong to wood element (Star Four Green). Since it is a year of hard work for these people, first of all, we need to ensure them have a healthy body and not being exhausted by the heavy workload and secondary comes the pursuit of wealth. Or else, your may spend on your hard-earned income on the medication fee, which is not worthy at all. For female, we choose Jade Kuan Yin Pendant as the cure and enhancer. In one hand, the auspicious blessing power of Kuan Yin can safeguard your general fortune journey and your health in particular; in the other hand, the jade has the intrinsic nature of combating ill chi and producing prosperity, and jade belongs to the earth element, which functions perfectly as the enhancer of female Rat's needful element. For male, we choose Obsidian 11 Eyes Bracelet as the cure and enhancer. First of all, the Obsidian stone has the power to assembling the propitious chi around and favor its owner to keep a concentrating mind, which is the cure for the male Rat's distraction this year; second, the number 1 and black color both represents water element in feng shui. According to the Five Element Theory, water produces wood, which is the needful element of male Rat. This is the main way that we get the solution and how we make the conjunction with different people within the same zodiac. Sure there are some other detailed and professional calculations before we make the final decision, what we show you is just one of the flowers in this garden, but over the scent, we are sure we could kindly realize how much beauty hidden inside, that is the purpose of Feng shui and we try our best to make the 2009 being one of the best years in your life! May the year of Ox bring you good luck!

For those Dragon people who were born in 1940, wearing the Jade Wu Lou Necklace is recommended for male Dragon people; wearing the Purple Cat Eye Pi Yao Bracelet is recommended for female Dragon people.

For those Dragon people who were born in 1952, wearing the Obsidian 9 Eyes DZI Bracelet is recommended for male Dragon people; wearing the Jade Fish Necklace is recommended for female Dragon people.

For those Dragon people who were born in 1964, wearing the Red Goldstone Pi Yao Bracelet is recommended for male Dragon people; carrying the Mala Jade Bracelet is recommended for female Dragon people.

For those Dragon people who were born in 1976, wearing the Jade Pi Yao Bracelet is recommended for male Dragon people; wearing the Multi-color Cat Eye Pi Yao Bracelet is recommended for female Dragon people.

For those Dragon people who were born in 1988, wearing 3 Eyes DZI Necklace is recommended for both male and female Dragon people.

For those Dragon people who were born in 2000, wearing the Double Buddha Hand Necklace is recommended for male Dragon people; wearing the Lucky Necklace is recommended for female Dragon people.

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