Chinese Horoscope Dog 2013

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Dog in 2013:

Out of the year of turbulence, zodiac Dog enters the relatively smooth period. There are uplifting stars emerging in the constellation. These noble stars would dispel the dark mist upon your constellation gradually and illuminate the path of fortune ahead. The presence of Yuede (moon favor) suggests a significant favor and kindness from high rank. Nonetheless, your zodiac house is also interspersed with disastrous stars - sick stars Sifu (death talisman) indicates that disease occurs to you and even your family, while Xiaohao (drain) will bother you with unexpected expenditure and accidental loss. To activate the auspicious chi of your favorable stars and actualize your cherished dreams and pursuits, you can carry the Victory Banner Pendant for Success and Wish fulfilling with you all the time.

Suggestion for Career:

Under the shield of propitious stars Yuede, the mentors would understand the difficulties that Rooster people may encounter in the work, and zodiac Dog may have a raise in recognition and reputation due to their diligent effort. More chances are given to them from the higher rank; promotional opportunities are also coming into your view. Your colleagues are also willing to fight the obstructions with you for the project. In fact, with the presence of Yuede star, your chance of success will rise if you would like to cooperate with others. It is advantageous for Rooster people to display the Crystal Globe with Omani in the northeast. Business people will obtain supports from the big benefactors, and therefore has good turnover, and those who have been working on their business deals or cases with others will reach the final agreement with their clients or partners. Nevertheless, the Xiaohao star may cause you unexpected expense and theft issues. To sail through the shelves and reach the land of success, you need to safeguard the ride with the blessing lights of the benefactor stars by placing Cicada Necklace in the north. To guard against disputes and lawsuits, hang the Magic Fire Wheel in the east of your working place to exhaust the wood energy of villain star.

Suggestion for Wealth:

The benefactor star Yuede is favorable for those who earn their profit through network. If you embark on career related to sales, insurance, finance, or business, the fortuitous star Yuede will invite you benefactors to facilitate your accumulations of wealth, and the general monetary luck peaks in Lunar February, April, May and June. Make a donation to philanthropy or buy something that you have planned for a long time to minimize your unexpected cost since the intrusion of Xiaohao star will cause you some unforeseen financial losses. Avoid gambling or risky speculation especially in Lunar January, March, July, August, September and December. Beware of the belongings when you are out traveling. To smooth away the difficulties and harvest the year of opulence, you can display the Wish Granting Tree Mirror with Jade Vase in the north to usher the wealth star into your house and grant your wishes in the acquisition of prosperity to come true. To adopt a detailed monetary plan is necessary and helpful. Since the windfall luck is weak as well, for those who prefer to do speculation or go on gamble, it is hard for them to make the ends meet. Hanging the Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant Charm in the west will shelter your hard-earned income from being drained by accident and theft. You can also display Red Crystal Globe with Omani in the south to enhance your benefactor luck and activate the joyous chi in life.

Suggestion for Relationship:

The romance luck is uplifting because of the arrival of Hongluan (love bird) star. For those who want tie their love knot, this year is the good time. Besides, Hongluan, as a joyous star, is also good for bringing happiness, such as having a baby. Single will have better chance to meet their potential lover, while it is also a good time for attached lovers to tie their love knot. However, you also need to cultivate the relationship very carefully this year for bad romance star Xianchi is also in your horoscope, which suggests sudden break up without any omen or sexual scandals. It may even jeopardize your chances of success, too. Singles should socialize more or ask their elders or friends for help since the benefactor luck is rising. To meet their potential partners, they can borrow the energy from the supportive stars by placing Smoky Polished Point in the southeast and the The Moon Rabbit - Full Moon in the north of their bedroom. For those who want to fructify their courtship or look forward to marry their sweethearts, they can boost the marital luck by placing the Double Happiness Amulet in the south to tap the blissful chi of happiness star Nine Purple. Married couples can display the Red Mystic Knot Amulet in the south of their bedroom to enjoy a year of satisfaction and gratification. The placement of three red envelops in the north is enough to combat the quarrelsome energy.

Suggestion for Health:

Being haunted by the ominous star Sifu (the death charm), Dog people are vulnerable to ailments or other calamities. Mind losing, out of concentration, anxiety and depression will happen to you due to the evil energy of menacing stars. Be very careful when you (particularly expectant mothers) are in fire or water related events since there is indication that accident related to fire or water element happens. To hang the 3 Chi Lin Mystic Knot Wind Chime in the center and the Black Stone Kuan Yin Charm in the west can suppress the ill-developed sick energy of overstress and bring you an easeful mood in life, while hanging the Metal Wu Lou in the southwest is the authentic remedy to prevent you from serious diseases and mishaps. Expectant mothers should also wear Jade Kwan Yin Pendants to ward off the gloomy energy of Sifu star. You can also shield the elders in your family from complaints by tying three natural gourds by the older people's bed. Elder people should also place the Fu Shou Tao in their room. The placement of three natural gourds is particularly beneficial for those who have a prolonged sickness particularly.

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