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2009 Chinese Horoscope Dog

2009 Chinese horoscope Dog (Chinese astrology Dog) for Chinese zodiac Dog sign according to feng shui flying stars and Chinese zodiac symbol Dog.

Overall in 2009

The Dog people torture the Taisui(the grand Duke Jupiter) in 2009, it means they could easily get themselves entangled in prolonged troubles that it is difficult to resolve. Different from those big changes of direct conflict with Taisui( like Sheep people)or instabilities of offending Taisui(like Ox people), torturing Taisui will bring you constant social problems, resistances, gossips and so on. Luckily, your constellation has the arrivals of several auspicious stars in it. Tiande star literally means blessings from heaven; Fuxing star gains the support around you; Bazuo star makes your hard work to be recognized by the superior. You will encounter lots of hardships in the beginning; however, along with the development of the lucky stars, your peril will be turned into safety and the problems will be solved, but the hard struggle is unavoidable anyway. To protect against the difficulties caused from torturing Taisui and realize the help from the favorable stars, you should place the golden Ling Tzi Ru Yi in the northwest and place Golden Meditation Trinity Buddha on your study/office table that you usually use. Ling Tzi is a legendary omnipotent medicine that is able to cure any problems (not only to cure illness but also social pitfalls, mishaps that people may encounter). Ru Yi signifies the propitious power that can smoothen your luck, it is why Ru Yi has a well-known meaning of doing everything well. For zodiacs that have conflicts with Taisui this year, Ling Tzi Ru Yi is highly recommended. The Golden Meditation Trinity Buddha is also the best cure for resolving anxiety in life and keeping you a reposeful mind.

Suggestions for Career

It is a year of investment and new opportunity. However, obstructions, side issues or new problems will crop up unexpectedly at the start of your work due to torturing Taisui. The visiting of Tiande star and Fuxing star will make your boss to treat you with increased respect; the presence of Bazuo star can also obtain recognition and appreciation from your colleagues. But you do need to watch out for gossip because of the attack from Juanshe( rumors and slanders) star. Disasters emanates from your careless talk, even those who are always super nice people are susceptible to fights and quarrels this year. It is better for you to keep a low profile for your opinions are prone to cause disagreement or jealousy. To triumph over all the obstacles in the way and ward off all the scandals and gossips in the work, Dog people should place the Rose Pyramid in the northeast and the Golden Pi Yao in the northwest. Business people should also place the Red Rhino in the northeast of their business to against the sudden lawsuits and argument. For those who want to seize the opportunity in the career and ensure a further improvement, they can place red color Carrying Money Buddha in the southeast and the green Aventurine Pyramid in the center to boost their career fortune. If you are starting an enterprise or getting stuck in the work of business, displacing the Jade stone Chinese Buddha Holding Ingot in the south and Red Frame Sailing Boat Picture in the southeast are the best feng shui combos that could favor you to make an important strategic step towards the bright prospect of your future because they stimulate both of the inspiration star and wealth stars.

Suggestions for Wealth

Because of the investment for the future (for examples, study or business) and some sudden setback in life, the accidental cost indicates indeed, even though defended by the auspicious stars. Remember that you are in conflicts with taisui, it is wise to avert from blind speculation or else there is more a loss than gain. You can place the Black stone Lying Buddha in the east and hang the Red Scroll Good Luck in the northeast to safeguard your money from draining away and the robbery. For those who always travel around, carrying a red color Meditation Buddha Charm is recommended. In order not to miss out any money making opportunity, you should ask for help of the beneficial stars by displacing the golden Class One Divination Stick in the northwest and the Large Red Agate Gem Tree in the center. As the powerful propitious feng shui tool, the Class One Divination Stick placement is specially commissioned to fulfill your wishes and combat the attack from villains. Business people can place the Red Frame Chi Lin Picture in the southeast and golden Tu Di Gong with RuYi & ingot in the southwest as the activator to flourish their business. Represented the God of earth, Tu Di Gong is the bless symbol of prosperity. According to the five element theory, earth produces metal; and metal is the manifestation of tremendous property in feng shui (metal literally means gold and treasure in Chinese). As a merciful God that is in charge of all the wealth sources, Tu Di Gong is almost sacrificed by every Asian family. Those who were born in 1946 are having chance to enjoy the best wealth fortune (those who were born in the period of May 6th to August 8th in that year have stronger chances) among all the zodiac Dog people. To actualize this great wealth fortune, they can place the yellow Jade Ingot in the southwest.

Suggestions for Relationship

Take precaution on your networking due to the gossips in personnel matter may torment you for a quite long time. Especially when networking concerns your work and profit, you need to regulate your relationship fortune and better the revenue by placing the Feng Shui Double Carps with Crystal in the northwest. This double carps are specially commissioned to remedy the relationships problems and activate the wealthy star simultaneously. Carved into a jumping posture to signify a breakthrough that can surmount all the obstructions, the double carps are also the symbols of harmony and prosperity in feng shui practice. With the crystal on the wave to assembling the auspicious chi, the entire item, which is one of the most strikingly powerful enhancers in 2009, possesses the everlasting loyal energy to run for its owner. The romance luck is obvious. For the lonesome star Guasu sticks with you, you are constantly haunted by the forlorn feeling, and the path to love is also full of twists and turns due to the lacking of love stars this year. Guasu star is particularly detrimental to female. Couples may feel lonely and neglected due to lacking in communication. To remedy the love luck and enhance the chance of finding your life partner, singles can place colorful Dragon and Phoenix in the center and golden Three Wise Men in the northwest of their living room. Attached couples can hang the Double happiness in the center foster the fruit of love. For married couples, place the Red Frame Mandarin Ducks Picture in the center and the Red Meditation Sitting Buddha in the northeast to cure the discords and usher a connubial bliss and harmony in love life.

Suggestions for Health

Sanxing star will bring you some ailments and injuries; nonetheless, under the shield of auspicious stars Tiande and Fuxing, there are not very serious problems for you. But you still need to be careful with your diet, in particular lunar March (around the beginning of western April to the beginning of western May), June (around the beginning of western July to the beginning of western August), September (around the beginning of western October to the beginning of western November) and December (around the beginning of western January in 2010 to the beginning of western February in 2010), the digestive problems would happen to you due to torturing Taisui. For kids who were born in 2006, they should be careful of respiratory tract problems (like lung, throat). Place the Ru Yi Metal Wu Lou in the west and hang the Silver Six Rod Element Balance wind Chime in the north to remove the ill chi. Ominous star Pima suggests that there are some fluctuations or sudden changes of health problems happening to the elder people in your house, so do pay specific attention if you have any older people at home. To safeguard the elder people's health, you can tie three Natural Gourds by the older people's bed to combat the major sickness. This three Natural Gourds placement is beneficial for those who have a prolonged sickness particularly. Keep themselves away from the north and the west region in the house.

According to most needful elements that you need and the most important aspects currently that you should take care of, our Feng Shui Masters have given the following feng shui items in best conjunction with different birth years and genders after a discreet consideration and calculations. For instance, the year 1960 is Gen Zi, Gen is the heavenly branch and Zi is the earthly branch, most people would simply decide their year element just by the heavenly branch Gen, which represents the Yang Metal element (positive metal). However, it is not simple like that. Based on the Nan Yi system (another famous element system that always take into account of fortune telling), the Gen Zi year belongs to Earth Element. And according to the flying star calculation system in Feng Shui practice, the female who were born in 1960 belongs to earth element (Star Two Black), and the male who were born in 1960 belong to wood element (Star Four Green). Since it is a year of hard work for these people, first of all, we need to ensure them have a healthy body and not being exhausted by the heavy workload and secondary comes the pursuit of wealth. Or else, your may spend on your hard-earned income on the medication fee, which is not worthy at all. For female, we choose Jade Kuan Yin Pendant as the cure and enhancer. In one hand, the auspicious blessing power of Kuan Yin can safeguard your general fortune journey and your health in particular; in the other hand, the jade has the intrinsic nature of combating ill chi and producing prosperity, and jade belongs to the earth element, which functions perfectly as the enhancer of female Rat's needful element. For male, we choose Obsidian 11 Eyes Bracelet as the cure and enhancer. First of all, the Obsidian stone has the power to assembling the propitious chi around and favor its owner to keep a concentrating mind, which is the cure for the male Rat's distraction this year; second, the number 1 and black color both represents water element in feng shui. According to the Five Element Theory, water produces wood, which is the needful element of male Rat. This is the main way that we get the solution and how we make the conjunction with different people within the same zodiac. Sure there are some other detailed and professional calculations before we make the final decision, what we show you is just one of the flowers in this garden, but over the scent, we are sure we could kindly realize how much beauty hidden inside, that is the purpose of Feng shui and we try our best to make the 2009 being one of the best years in your life! May the year of Ox bring you good luck!

For those Dog people who were born in 1934, wearing the jade longevity necklace is recommended for male Dog people; wearing the Mala Jade Bracelet is recommended for female Dog people.

For those Dog people who were born in 1946, wearing the Double Pi Yao Necklace is recommended for male Dog people; wearing the Jade Crab Necklace is recommended for female Dog people.

For those Dog people who were born in 1958, wearing the Golden Kuan Yin Pendants is recommended for male Dog people; wearing the Purple Cat Eye Pi Yao Bracelet is recommended for female Dog people.

For those Dog people who were born in 1970, wearing the 3 Eyes DZI Necklace is recommended for male Dog people; wearing the Jade Coin Necklace is recommended for female Dog people.

For those Dog people who were born in 1982, wearing the Red Goldstone Pi Yao Bracelet is recommended for male Dog people; wearing the Yellow Topaz Birthstone Bracelet with Heart is recommended for the female Dog people.

For those Dog people who were born in 1994, wearing the 6 Eyes DZI Necklace is recommended for male Dog people; wearing Multi-color Cat Eye Pi Yao Bracelet is recommended for female Dog people.

For those Dog people who were born in 2006, wearing the Lucky Pendant is recommended for male Dog people; wearing the Coin Lucky Pendent is recommended for female Dog people.

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