2008 Chinese Horoscope Dog People - Feng Shui Tips

Overall in 2008

Even though there is no major favorable star in your constellation, Dog people will be able to overwhelm most of the obstructions and land on their feet eventually due to the reconciling star Tianjie. This star is also beneficial to harmonize some previous entanglements, even some prolonged legal issues, which infers positive turns in the aspect of your relationship. Dog people will also enjoy the increase of romance luck. Nonetheless, the health will be weakened by three ill stars, keep away from high risky activities and beware of the health situation of seniors in your family. Hang a white jade stone wulou by your beside to regulate your health fortune and ward off the evil energy. For those who travel a lot, hang an In and Out safety Peach Wood wulou gourd or Feng Shui Bell inside the car to safeguard your journey.

Feng Shui Tips 1 for career

Fuchen star, which indicates fluctuant fortune, will frustrate your career in a chameleonic way. In the course of carrying out your plan, you will encounter some avoidable difficulties or setbacks. And it is very hard to make a significant breakthrough this year. Under the bless of the Tianjie star, Dog people will have chances to defeat the evil barrier. Place a multi-color dragon turtle in east to well develop the earth energy of emperor Star Eight White. Place a green back arowana fish in southeast to invite propitious career luck and prosper your wealth. For those who are starting an enterprise or getting stuck in the work of business, greenback arrowana and colorful dragon turtle are a great feng shui combo to attain your benefactors who will help you out of troubles, and what is more, to ensure you prevail over all obstacles and success finally. If one has a hard time in initiating ideas in his career, place a crystal pagoda in his study table or in northeast of his study room to trigger the Wenchang star that is good for stimulating inspiration.

Feng Shui Tips 2 for wealth

Activated by your career fortune, you will enjoy some increase in wealth. However, it is better to adopt a conservative and careful monetary plan due to the presence of Tiangou star. This star signifies that wastage of money, which will cause you loss of finance for some sudden extra expenditure or unexpected cost. It will even break your budget plan; make your ends not meet. It is also necessary for you to beware of some bungles and fraud that will happen to your investment. Hang a blue crystal in southwest and a golden rhinoceros in north to combat the Robbery star and prevent your finance from losing. An eight jade ingot charm in east can boost your general money fortune and ensure you to grasp the best opportunity to prosper your wealth.

Feng Shui Tips 3 for relationship

The romance fortune is very weak due to the unfavorable romance star Guasu, which is in control of loneliness, disconnection of love. Since there is lacking in romance, singles can remedy this situation by placing golden mandarin ducks in the center and hanging a pink crystal in southeast to enhance the overall love fortune. Wearing a jade star flower or jade butterfly necklace with you to strengthen your love relationship is recommended because this low fortune of love will easily disappear and make every effort like a mirage. Attached or married couples will not have so many chances to stay together for the reason of work or study. Disagreements, disputes and complains will increase. Consideration and understanding are the keys to well communicate with each other. Placing the rose quartz mandarin ducks by the bed or the southeast part of your bedroom is an authentic cure for marital harmony and bliss. To avoid bad temper and arguments in the family, place a good luck red scroll/charm in west to remove the wood energy of the quarrelsome star Three Green.

Feng Shui Tips 4 for health

Dog people will experience a year of bad health due to the arrivals of three sick stars. Baowei(name of the bad star) will lead you in a trance and make you out of concentration, which may result in hypertension, insomnia and other diseases. Beware of injuries of arms and legs when you are working or doing exercises. Xueren star(name of the bad star) will cause some bloodshed and other dangers associated with metal hurts or injuries (like operation, hurt by a knife). The third star will bring not only ill changes for elder people, but also disharmonious affairs between parents and children. To diminish the ill chi in the house, hang a wind chime (Silver) in northwest to deflect the threaten stars; elder people can carry a jade kuan yin pendant as well.

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